Prostate Volume Calculator

The prostate volume calculator is a tool that can be used to quickly determine the approximate size of the prostate. To use this tool, you will need the prostate length, width, and height (in centimeters). Since the prostate has an ellipsoid shape, you use the ellipsoid volume formula. The prostate volume calculator can also be used for the bladder and ellipsoid lesions. This calculation serves as an estimation.

After inputting the values into the prostate volume calculator, it will calculate both the ellipsoid volume and bullet volume. If the prostate gland is smaller than 55 mL, then the bullet volume may be a more accurate representation of the prostate volume. If you also have the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) in ng/mL, then the prostate volume calculator also acts as a PSA density calculator and provides you a PSA density value.

Prostate Volume Calculator

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Prostate Size Measurements

• Length (L): can be obtained by measuring the longitudinal diameter between the urinary bladder and the proximal external sphincter.
• Width (W): can be obtained by calculating the maximal transverse diameter at the midgland level of the prostate.
• Height (H): is the prostate’s anteroposterior diameter, and can be found on either the axial or sagittal planes.

Ellipsoid Volume and Bullet Volume Calculator Equations

The prostate volume calculator uses two different equations for the ellipsoid volume and bullet volume:

• Ellipsoid volume: L x W x H x 𝜋/6
• Bullet volume: L x W x H x 5𝜋/24

Prostate Volume Calculator Clinical Applications

Calculating the prostate volume can be helpful when diagnosing and managing benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and adenocarcinoma. PSA density can help distinguish between BPH and prostate cancer, and is often used to determine the need for prostate biopsy. Prostate volume can be used along with the Gleason Score to prognosticate prostate cancer recurrence.

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