Dr. Aaron Fritts on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Aaron Fritts

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Aaron Fritts is a Co-Founder of BackTable and a practicing interventional radiologist in Dallas, TX.


Bone Marrow Biopsy, Vein Ablation, Arterial Revascularization

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Fritts

Ep. 111

Underutilization of Foam Sclerotherapy

We talk with Dr. Chris Pittman, founder of Vein911, about Foam Sclerotherapy for the treatment of superficial venous disease.


Ep. 110

When that First Physician Job Isn't a Good Fit

Interventional Radiologists Dr. Michael Barraza and Dr. Aaron Fritts talk about their early careers coming out of specialty training and hard lessons learned from their first jobs.


Ep. 108

Adding Wound Care To Your Practice: Pros and Cons

We talk with Interventional Radiologists Dr. Robbie Morrison and Dr. Srini Tummala about the pros and cons of adding a wound care services to your endovascular practice.


Ep. 104

Bringing IR to East Africa: The Road2IR Story

Dr. Fabian Laage Gaupp tells us the origin story of, an initiative to build self-sustaining IR training programs in East Africa.


Ep. 97

Nephrostomy Tube Placement: Basic to Advanced

Dr. David Field from MedStar Georgetown University Hospital walks us through indications and technique for placement of Nephrostomy tubes, as well as some advanced tricks for the non-distended collecting system.


Ep. 89

Online Education in Vascular Medicine: Do We Have the Best Format?

Vascular Surgeon Theodosios Bisdas discusses the importance and future of online medical education for the vascular specialties in the time of COVID.


Ep. 71

Building a MedEd Platform

We talk with Interventional Radiologist Sarel Gaur about what inspired his #medEd #YouTube channel, where his topics come from, and tips for success for others.


Ep. 69

Retrograde Pedal Access

Dr. Jim Melton and Dr. Blake Parsons discuss the benefits of retrograde pedal access in the treatment of PAD, as well as the multi-disciplinary team approach of their outpatient CardioVascular Health Clinic.


Ep. 49

Collaboration in the Hybrid OR

IR Dr. John Racadio and Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Daniel von Allmen of Cincinnati Children’s discuss their work in the Hybrid OR and how cross-specialty collaboration has greatly improved patient care.


Ep. 46

Collaboration Not Competition Between IR & IC

IC Dr. Achal Sahai and IR Dr. Christopher Beck discuss ways these two specialties collaborate on complex cases, share endovascular techniques, and avoid the "turf war" trap.


Ep. 45

Coping With Procedure Complications

Dr. Maureen Kohi and Dr. Sandeep Bagla discuss the challenges of dealing with procedural complications, and the importance of talking with colleagues and mentors in effective coping.


Ep. 42

Physician Contract Negotiation

Dr. Mary Costantino and her lawyer Courtney Angeli discuss the essentials of physician contract negotiation: finding the right lawyer, partnerships, non-competes, and critical pitfalls to avoid.


Ep. 37

Treating PAD in the OBL

Dr. Mike Watts and Dr. Omar Saleh discussing the ins and outs of treating PAD in the Outpatient Based Lab (OBL) setting.


Ep. 23

Adrenal Vein Sampling

Mike Devane talks us through adrenal vein sampling technique, including equipment/imaging tips and tricks, as well as pitfalls to avoid.


Ep. 21

Vertebral Augmentation

Our IR's talk practice building, techniques, and equipment, as well a candid discussion of vertebroplasty versus kyphoplasty.


Ep. 08

IR in Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdulaziz Alharbi tells us about his interventional radiology practice in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


Ep. 05

Closure Devices

Interventional radiologists Dr. Aaron Fritts and Dr. Chris Beck discuss the Angioseal and Mynx closure devices.


Ep. 04

Amplatzer Plugs vs. Coils in Splenic Trauma

The pros and cons of using coils and/or vascular plugs for splenic trauma.


Ep. 06

Setting Up a Vein Clinic

Dr. Aaron Shiloh talks us through the pearls and pitfalls of starting an outpatient vein clinic.


Ep. 01

BM BX Devices: Jamshidi vs. OnControl

Discussion of preferences in bone biopsy needles.


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