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Dr. Douglas Beall

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Douglas Beall is the Chief of Radiology Services at Clinical Radiology of Oklahoma.


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Ep. 94

Innovation in Spine Interventions

Dr. Douglas Beall discusses his drive for innovation in minimally invasive spine interventions, as well as the inspiration behind his new comprehensive book on Vertebral Augmentation.


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Current Spine Intervention Innovations

Interventional musculoskeletal radiologist Dr. Douglas Beall is a pioneer in MSK and spine intervention. Through continued innovation, he has expanded the boundaries of minimally invasive MSK/spine therapies, offering an expansive variety of procedures that are too numerous for us to list.

Minuteman placement to treat the spine

Getting Innovative with Spine Interventions

Interventional radiologist Dr. Douglas Beall discusses how he implements new methods into spine intervention practice as well as the benefits of innovation both for patients and IR professionals.

Discoplasty and vertebral augmentation

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