Dr. Michael Barraza on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Michael Barraza

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Michael Barraza is a practicing interventional radiologist (and all around great guy) with Radiology Associates in Baton Rouge, LA.


Renal Ablation, Prostate Artery Embolization, TIPS

About Dr. Barraza

Dr. Barraza spearheads strategic direction of BackTable and is a regular host of our podcast. Identifying the vast potential for BackTable as a one-stop hub to support his specialty, he volunteered as a consultant before officially joining the BackTable team in mid-2017. Dr. Barraza is a practicing interventional radiologist in Baton Rouge, LA. Outside of work, Dr. Barraza likes to do more work, make/raise kids, and create fantastic podcasts.

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Barraza

Ep. 121

Office-Based Labs (OBLs) & What You Can Do in Them

Interventional Radiologist Dr. Mike Watts talks with us about which procedures are being safely performed in the OBL space, and the importance of patient selection.


Ep. 118

Treating Acute Limb Ischemia

Interventional Radiologist Dr. Donald Garbett talks with Dr. Michael Barraza about how he approaches acute limb ischemia, including different endovascular techniques for removing acute arterial clot.


Ep. 110

When that First Physician Job Isn't a Good Fit

Interventional Radiologists Dr. Michael Barraza and Dr. Aaron Fritts talk about their early careers coming out of specialty training and hard lessons learned from their first jobs.


Ep. 106

Treating Extraspinal Painful Bony Metastases

Dr. Steven Yevich from MD Anderson Cancer Center talks with us about his approach to Treatment and Management of Painful Extra-spinal Bony Metastases.


Ep. 102

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Part 2: Technique and Follow-Up

In Part 2 of their Pelvic Congestion Syndrome discussion, Dr. Mark Meissner and Dr. Michael Cumming get into their specific techniques, tips and tricks for embolization, and follow up care.


Ep. 101

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome Part 1: Diagnosis and Planning

Vascular Surgeon Dr. Mark Meissner and Interventional Radiologist Dr. Michael Cumming discuss diagnosis and treatment planning for Pelvic Congestion Syndrome. This is Part 1 of 2 on Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.


Ep. 99

Multidisciplinary Approach to Treating Spinal Metastases

Interventional Radiologist Jason Levy and Radiation Oncologist Amir Lavaf discuss the benefits of a Multidisciplinary Approach in the Treatment of Spinal and Bone Metastases.


Ep. 96

Building a Prostate Artery Embolization Program Alongside Urology

IR Ari Isaacson and Urologist Matt Raynor tell the story of how they successfully built a collaborative PAE program, including the challenges they faced along the way, and tips for success in working together.


Ep. 94

Innovation in Spine Interventions

Dr. Douglas Beall discusses his drive for innovation in minimally invasive spine interventions, as well as the inspiration behind his new comprehensive book on Vertebral Augmentation.


Ep. 85

Genicular Artery Embolization for OA

Dr. Jafar Golzarian from University of Minnesota Medical Center give us an update on Geniculate Artery Embolization as a therapeutic option for osteoarthritis of the knee.


Ep. 79

Building a Deep Venous Program

Interventional Radiologist Dr. Jeffrey Chick tells us about his deep venous practice at UW Medicine including tips on growing a collaborative, multidisciplinary venous program.


Ep. 78

Is Radioembolization a Future Option for Prostate Cancer?

Dr. Sam Mouli from Northwestern University and Dr. Sandeep Bagla discuss new research examining Y-90 Radioembolization as a novel therapeutic option for treating prostate cancer.


Ep. 76

Targeting the Tumor Microenvironment in HCC

Interventional Radiologist Terence Gade tells us about emerging research and therapies targeting the tumor microenvironment in Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).


Ep. 73

Iliocaval Stenting

Dr. Gerry O'Sullivan shares his experiences with Iliocaval stenting in post-thrombotic patients, including pearls and pitfalls and the "Aiming for the bottom corner" technique.


Ep. 68

RF Ablation Therapy for Bone Metastases

Dr. Jason Levy and Dr. Sandeep Bagla discuss palliative treatment of bone metastases with radiofrequency ablation, as well as recent results from the OPuS One trial.


Ep. 62

Protect Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Dr. Mina Makary discusses the need for better awareness and protection from the serious harmful effects of chronic low dose radiation.



Special COVID-19 Update

Dr. Stephen Hunt of Penn Medicine at University of Pennsylvania Health discusses ways in which his IR practice has changed in the setting of the COVID 19 pandemic.


Ep. 58

Endovascular Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism

IC Thomas Tu and IR Venkat Tummala discuss their approaches to the treatment of Pulmonary Embolism, including risk stratification, treatment options, and endovascular technique.


Ep. 54

Inclusivity in IR

Dr. Barbara Hamilton and Dr. Mary Costantino, MD discuss inclusivity in IR, including the importance of mentorship and diversity in medicine.


Ep. 53

International IR Volunteer Work

Dr. Stephen Hunt shares his international volunteer experiences traveling with IR4Nigeria and RAD-AID International Get involved at


Ep. 52

IVUS for Iliac Vein Compression

Dr. Michael Cumming and Dr. Mark Lessne discuss the utility of Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) in the diagnosis and treatment of deep venous disease.


Ep. 47

BRTO vs. PARTO in Gastric Variceal Bleeding

Special Guest Dr. Luke Wilkins of University of Virginia VIR discusses BRTO and PARTO techniques for treatment of gastric variceal bleeding.


Ep. 44

TIPS Procedure Techniques: East vs. West

East Coast "McBreamy" and "Western Peder" discuss their Colapinto vs. Uchida needle preference, advantages of the ICE catheter, and other pearls and pitfalls for the TIPS Procedure.


Ep. 36

Building an Outpatient UFE Practice

Dr. Mary Costantino tells us the story of how she built her OBL practice in Portland and discusses the advantages of performing UFE and other procedures in the outpatient setting.


Ep. 35

Over-the-Wire Technique for IVC Filter Placement

Dr. David Mobley of Columbia University VIR describes his over-the-wire technique to prevent tilting in IVC filter placement, and the advantages of a tilt free delivery.


Ep. 32

Building an Interventional Oncology Program

Interventional Radiologist Dr. Julie Zaetta and Oncologist Dr. Julie Stanton discuss the essentials of building a successful Interventional Oncology program, including the importance of a multidisciplinary approach.


Ep. 31

Cosmetic Interventional Radiology & Marketing

Dr. Aaron Shiloh of PA Vascular Institute discusses his experiences adding Cosmetic IR procedures to his practice, as well as some essential online marketing strategies for IRs.


Ep. 29

Interview With Interventional Initiative Founders

Interventional Initiative founders Isabel Newton and Susan Jackson taking us through the journey behind the awe-inspiring Without A Scalpel documentaries


Ep. 28

Advanced Enteral Access

Advanced enteral access techniques, as well as a new technique for closing EC fistulas with laser!


Ep. 27

Geniculate Artery Embolzation for Osteoarthritis

Exciting new therapy for osteoarthritis of the knee- Geniculate Artery Embolization!


Ep. 26

Radial vs. Femoral Access in IO Procedures

Dr. Christopher Beck and Dr. Jason Iannuccilli discuss radial vs femoral access in IO procedures, including the pros and cons of both, and a very informative "how I do it" for radial access by Dr. Iannuccilli.


Ep. 24

Endoscopy for the Interventional Radiologist

The advantages of using simple to learn endoscopic techniques in gallbladder, biliary and genitourinary cases.


Ep. 22

Central and Upper Extremity Venous Interventions

In this episode our docs discuss central recanalizations, ballooning versus stents, declot techniques, and get into a ton of tips and tricks!


Ep. 20

Pressure-Directed Therapy in TACE

Discussion of experiences and utility of pressure-directed, antireflux infusion for TACE treatments.


Ep. 19

Lympathic Interventions

Lymphatic interventions in IR with Dr. Jeffrey Chick and Dr. Ravi Srinivasa.


Ep. 18

Complex Lower Extremity Venous Interventions

Dr. Jeffrey Chick and Dr. Ravi Srinivasa discussing complex lower extremity venous interventions at University of Michigan VIR.


Ep. 17

Prostate Artery Embolization

Dr. Ari Isaacson and Dr. Sandeep Bagla sharing their experiences with prostate artery embolization


Ep. 15

Renal Ablation Therapies

Renal ablation therapies with Mike Devane MD and Ahmed Kamel MD, PhD, FSIR


Ep. 14

Novel Bariatric and Pain Therapies

J. David Prologo and J. Michael Barraza Jr. discuss Novel Bariatric and Pain Interventions.


Ep. 13

Neurovascular IR (Part II)

IRs Dr. Sabeen Dhand and Dr. Venu Vadlamud diiscuss the neurovascular devices they use in their practices.


Ep. 12

Neurovascular IR (Part I)

Integrating neurovascular interventions (part 1) into your IR practice with Dr. Venu Vadlamudi and Dr. Sabeen Dhand.


Ep. 11

Hashtag filterOUT

Robert Ryu and AJ Gunn discuss building a filter retrieval practice, equipment preferences, and challenging cases.


Ep. 09

Hashtag StopTheChop

Dr. Kumar Madassery and Dr. Sabeen Dhand discuss their PAD practices and the story behind the #stopthechop hashtag.


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