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Cochlear implant surgery can greatly improve the quality of life for adults facing hearing loss

Cochlear Implant Surgery: Procedure Technique & Complications

Dr. Jacob Hunter provides his insights on cochlear implant surgery in adults, potential cochlear implant side effects, and special considerations for elderly populations.



Baby with tongue-tie being evaulated for frenotomy procedure

Treating Tongue Tie: Frenotomy Procedure & Complications

A frenotomy procedure treats tongue-tie by performing a lingual frenulum cut. Acute postoperative management is focused on adequate hemostasis whereas long-term management is aimed at preventing scar tissue formation. We provide an overview of the frenotomy procedure and potential complications.



Otoscope ear exam to evaluate and manage eustachian tube disorder

Managing Eustachian Tube Disorders

Management of patients with chronic eustachian tube disorders is challenging. Dr. Gopi Shah, Dr. Ashley Agan, and Dr. Walter Kutz discuss the essentials of caring for patients with eustachian tube disorders and outline the approach for distinguishing between patulous eustachian tube and eustachian tube dysfunction.



Cochlear implant device on top of an audiogram printout

Adult Cochlear Implantation: Indications, Screening, and Patient Counseling

Indications for cochlear implantation are typically bilateral severe-to-profound sensorineural hearing loss with little to no benefit from appropriately fit hearing aids. The journey of implantation has many steps and requires proper screening and evaluation.



Baby with tongue-tie being evaulated for mother-baby dyad

Treating Tongue Tie: Evaluation of the Mother-Baby Dyad

In pediatric patients with tongue-tie who have feeding difficulties, it is important to obtain a thorough history of the mother. Exploration of mother’s health status during pregnancy, and labor and delivery details can provide insight into reasons for feeding troubles.



Pediatric tracheostomy tube device with cuff

Building a Pediatric Tracheostomy Program

Management of pediatric tracheostomy patients requires a long-term commitment from the care team. Otolaryngologists Dr. Gopi Shah, Dr. Ashley Agan, and Dr. Romaine Johnson discuss the essentials of building a successful pediatric tracheostomy program and the importance of a multidisciplinary team.



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