Our field is constantly evolving. We know from experience that it's not always easy to keep up with the latest tools and techniques, or even get back up to speed on a specific condition or procedure. Follow the BackTable ENT Podcast to stay up to date with practical advice from your peers and experts in the field.

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"As the surgical subspecialist's repertoire rapidly expands, and with no dedicated knowledge base, it’s becoming more and more challenging for physicians to stay up-to-date on the best way to approach any given case. With BackTable, we aim to address this gap and improve practice globally." - Dr. Aaron Fritts, Co-Founder


Dr. Gopi Shah


Dr. Gopi Shah is a co-founder of BackTable, co-host of the BackTable ENT series, and a practicing Otolaryngologist with UT Southwestern. Dr. Shah is Director of UTSW’s Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship and Co-director of UTSW’s Airway Simulation Lab for residents. In additions, she serves as the surgical representative-at-large for the Medical Executive Committee at Children’s Health in Dallas.


Dr. Ashley Agan


Dr. Ashley Agan is a practicing Otolaryngologist and Assistant Professor at UT Southwestern. She performs surgeries of the head and neck including endoscopic sinus surgery, thyroidectomy, salivary gland surgery, and more. With BackTable, Dr. Agan is the co-host of our brand new ENT series, sharing the mic with thought leaders in the field.


To Improve Practice

The BackTable ENT podcast is made by physicians for physicians. The field of ENT is constantly evolving, staying in the know is a continuous effort, and outdated techniques can mean subpar care. By providing healthcare professionals around the world with an up-to-date knowledge base, we believe that we can improve patient care on a global scale.

Proliferate Expertise

Experts have spent years refining their technique. Many are  interested in sharing what they've learned with the community, but do not have an effective channel to do so. With the BackTable ENT podcast, we've provided a space for the otolaryngology community to share their successes and failures so every doc can stand on the shoulders of giants.

And Accelerate Innovation

The BackTable ENT podcast is for practicing physicians, industry professionals, students, and the broader medical industry. We aim to demystify ENT practice, and make in-depth subject matter more accessible for med tech innovators and anyone that works alongside otolaryngologysts.

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