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BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Frank Arko

Ep. 142
Type B Aortic Dissections
with Dr. Frank Arko
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BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Eric Secemsky

Ep. 120
Pulmonary Embolism Interventions
with Dr. Eric Secemsky
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Ep. 107
Treatment of Pulmonary AVMs
with Dr.Theresa Caridi
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with Dr. Mike Watts and Dr. Michael Barraza

Office-Based Labs (OBLs) & What You Can Do in Them

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Mike Watts

Interventional Radiologist Dr. Mike Watts talks with us about which procedures are being safely performed in the OBL space, and the importance of patient selection.

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BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Christopher Beck

Dr. Christopher Beck


Dr. Aaron Fritts

Dr. Christopher Beck and Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss the Mediport placement procedure, including differences in technique (tie-down vs snug pocket), tips and tricks, and avoiding complications.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. David Liu

Dr. David Liu


Dr. Bryan Hartley

We talk with Dr. David Liu about the life cycle of innovation projects, developing ideas strategically, and his mentorship work with Creative Destruction Lab.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Robert Ryu

Dr. Robert Ryu


Dr. Michael Barraza

We talk with Dr. Robert Ryu about Imposter Syndrome. What is it, why is it so common in medicine, and how do we effectively deal with it?

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Blake Parsons

Dr. Blake Parsons


Dr. Christopher Beck

We talk with Dr. Blake Parsons about his approach to Radial vs. Femoral access for Prostate Artery Embolization for BPH, including patient selection, device considerations, and practice pearls.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Jeffrey Chick

Dr. Jeffrey Chick


Dr. Ravi Srinivasa

Interventional Radiologists Dr. Jeffrey Chick and Dr. Ravi Srinivasa tell us all about the latest and greatest in Spyglass Interventions, including how and where they're being used for lithotripsy, as well as upcoming training opportunities for those interested.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Alex Barnacle

Dr. Alex Barnacle


Dr. Christopher Beck

We talk with Dr. Alex Barnacle about her approach to the workup of Vascular Anomalies, including the importance of correct nomenclature and multidisciplinary teams for accurate diagnosis and long-term success.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Gloria Salazar

Dr. Gloria Salazar


Dr. Gina Landinez

Nuestro primer episodio de Backtable en español está aquí. Las doctoras Gloria Salazar y Gina Landinez discuten COVID, las demandas médicas y endovasculres de nuestra población Iberoamericana y como convertir un”no” en un “si.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Leah Houston

Dr. Leah Houston


Dr. Tim Yates

We talk with Dr. Leah Houston, founder of HPEC, about the healthcare applications of Blockchain Technology and Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI), including the importance of giving physicians control over their own professional digital identity.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Sahil Mehta

Dr. Sahil Mehta


Dr. Aaron Fritts

We talk with Dr. Sahil Mehta, founder of MedSchoolCoach, about how a side gig as an MCAT and med school tutor scaled up into a successful business.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Ari Isaacson

Dr. Ari Isaacson


Dr. Sandeep Bagla

We talk with STREAM meeting founders Dr. Ari Isaacson and Dr. Sandeep Bagla about what they have planned at STREAM 2021 for docs who want to learn Prostate Artery Embolization, Musculoskeletal Embolizations, and new techniques for Pain Therapy.

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