Episode 106

Treating Extraspinal Painful Bony Metastases

with Dr. Steven Yevich and Dr. Michael Barraza

BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2021, January 18). Ep. 106 – Treating Extraspinal Painful Bony Metastases [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from https://www.backtable.com/podcasts

Dr. Steven Yevich from MD Anderson Cancer Center talks with us about his approach to Treatment and Management of Painful Extra-spinal Bony Metastases.

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Podcast Participants

Dr. Steven Yevich

Dr. Steven Yevich is a practicing Interventional Radiologist and Assistant Professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas.

Dr. Michael Barraza

Host Dr. Michael Barraza is a practicing interventional radiologist (and all around great guy) with Radiology Associates in Baton Rouge, LA.

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Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. Steve Yevich joins Dr. Michael Barraza to discuss treatment of extraspinal painful bony metastases. Dr. Yevich tells us about his training in interventional oncology at Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus in Paris, and we discuss how he adjusted to identify the individual needs of the hospital when he came back to the US.

We explain how to go into a case with either curative or palliative intent. Dr. Yevich shares when he would do soft tissue ablation around nerves and the location of the metastases he commonly treats. We emphasize the anatomic considerations to determine if ablation for the extraspinal bony metastases is feasible.

We discuss some of the advanced techniques Dr. Yevich learned in Paris and the two types of cases that may need pre-ablation embolization. We discuss advancements in technologies and devices that have allowed for more creative solutions in IR.


Medtronic Osteocool

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