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Episode 113

Below-Ankle Interventions

with Dr. Kumar Madassery and Dr. Sabeen Dhand

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Dr. Sabeen Dhand and Dr. Kumar Madassery discuss the importance of below-ankle interventions in limb salvage, including patient selection, technique, and a patient-centered longitudinal care plan.

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Podcast Participants

Dr. Kumar Madassery

Dr. Kumar Madassery is a practicing interventional radiologist with Rush University in Chicago.

Dr. Sabeen Dhand

Host Dr. Sabeen Dhand is a practicing interventional radiologist with PIH Health in Los Angeles.

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Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. Kumar Madassery joins Dr. Sabeen Dhand to discuss below ankle interventions. We discuss how to approach tissue loss in patients with severe and multi-level disease in order to minimize below ankle interventions and how to optimize imaging to get a comprehensive view.

We explain the tips and tricks of performing a pedal loop, and we review the techniques for retrograde access. We review how to carefully manipulate wires during a pedal loop procedure. We discuss which devices can go through the pedal loop and what qualities are important in a wire for below ankle interventions.

We discuss why having lysing can lead to a successful below ankle intervention and how to know when it is appropriate to do a pedal loop. We talk about the impact social media has had on IR and give some advice for those wanting to try pedal interventions.


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