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Episode 25

Declots with the Argon Cleaner Device

with Dr. Sabeen Dhand and Dr. Christopher Beck

BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2018, March 21). Ep. 25 – Declots with the Argon Cleaner Device [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

From the Exhibitor's Hall at SIR 2018 in Los Angeles, Dr. Christopher Beck and Dr. Sabeen Dhand describe their declot techniques, with an emphasis on when and how they use the Argon Cleaner device for these cases.

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Podcast Participants

Dr. Sabeen Dhand

Dr. Sabeen Dhand is a practicing interventional radiologist with PIH Health in Los Angeles.

Dr. Christopher Beck

Host Dr. Chris Beck is a practicing interventional radiologist with Regional Radiology Group in New Orleans.

Argon Cleaner

The Argon Cleaner is the only wall-contacting rotational thrombectomy system indicated for macerating thrombus in dialysis grafts and fistulas in the peripheral vascular. Contact us to get in touch with a rep or visit to learn more.

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Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. Sabeen Dhand joins Dr. Christopher Beck to discuss arteriovenous access declot procedure with the Argon Cleaner device. We review the routine declot procedure and the different methods to get access. Dr. Dhand explains why he starts out using the Argon Cleaner device and what his endpoint is. We discuss the nuances of the device in addition to tips and tricks for using the device with declots, including external massaging the fistula and an unsheathing trick.

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