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Episode 88

Intro to Structural Heart Disease

with Dr. Raj Narayan and Dr. Achal Sahai

BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2020, October 10). Ep. 88 – Intro to Structural Heart Disease [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

Interventional Cardiologists Dr. Rajeev Narayan and Dr. Achal Sahai discuss training for and building a Structural Heart Disease program, including TAVR and Watchman procedures.

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Podcast Participants

Dr. Raj Narayan

Dr. Raj Narayan is a practicing Interventional Cardiologist in New York.

Dr. Achal Sahai

Dr. Achal Sahai is a practicing Interventional Cardiologist at Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans.

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Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. Rajeev Narayan joins Dr. Achal Sahai to discuss structural heart disease and the (Transcatheter aortic valve replacement) TAVR procedure. Dr. Narayan talks us through what an average working week looks like and speaks to the importance of having a great referral network.

We define structural heart disease and discuss the development of the TAVR procedure for high risk patients and how the process is different from a regular cardiac surgery. We examine what can make a patient with structural heart disease high risk and eligible for TAVR.

We talk through how access has changed over the years and some of the more technical aspects of these procedures. Dr. Narayan gives some advice to trainees and emphasizes the importance of learning to face complications on your own.

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