Special 100th Episode Interview with BackTable

with Dr. Mary Costantino and The BackTable Team

BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2020, December 31). Special – Special 100th Episode Interview with BackTable [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from https://www.backtable.com/podcasts

Dr. Mary Costantino interviews the BackTable Team in honor of hitting the 100th episode mark. We had a great time telling the origin story of BackTable, reminiscing the early days of the podcast, and where we hope to go in 2021. It doesn't happen without all the amazing guests and guest hosts along the way.

Podcast Participants

Dr. Mary Costantino

Host Dr. Mary Costantino is a practicing interventional radiologist with Advanced Vascular Centers in Portland, OR.

The BackTable Team

Dr. Aaron Fritts, Dr. Michael Barraza, and Dr. Chris Beck are practicing Interventional Radiologists and partners in BackTable.

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Show Notes

In this special episode, Dr. Mary Constantino interviews Dr. Aaron Fritts, Dr. Christopher Beck, and Dr. Michael Barraza to discuss the journey of the BackTable Podcast. Co-founder Dr. Aaron Fritts tells us why he wanted to start BackTable and how it transformed from an app to a podcast. Dr. Beck and Dr. Barraza share their experiences getting involved in the podcast.

We discuss some of the early challenges they faced while trying to get started, and we explain the lessons learned from these experiences. We discuss plans to expand to ENT and urology topics as well as other plans for 2021. Dr. Fritts touches on the learning process of editing audio and creating a podcast. Dr. Fritts, Dr. Beck, and Dr. Barraza share their goals and hopes for the BackTable podcast. We discuss the work that goes on behind the scenes and the team that makes it all possible.

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