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Dr. Eric J. Keller on the BackTable MSK Podcast

Dr. Eric J. Keller

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Eric Keller is an interventional and diagnostic radiology resident physician at Stanford.

Listen to Dr. Eric J. Keller on the BackTable MSK Podcast

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Ep 27 Palliative Care in IR with Dr. Sean Tutton
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About Dr. Eric J. Keller

Dr. Eric J. Keller is an interventional and diagnostic radiology resident physician at Stanford. He is also the founder of the Applied Ethics in IR Working Group and serves on the Board of Directors of the Interventional Initiative, a non-profit devoted to patient and clinician awareness, access, and advocacy around minimally invasive image-guide procedures. Dr. Keller completed medical school at Northwestern University where he also completed a masters in Medical Humanities and Bioethics. His background also includes legal guardianship, web design, video production, and creative nonfiction writing.

Dr. Keller has used his background in medical humanities and bioethics to study the history of medical specialization and turf wars, characterizing the professional identities and ways of thinking of different medical specialties to help them communicate and collaborate better. He later transitioned to create Applied Ethics in IR, a multi-institutional working group devoted to developing practical solutions and approaches to challenging situations faced in the specialty. Due to these efforts, Dr. Keller has received multiple grants and awards. He is regularly an invited speaker both nationally and internationally and enjoys public speaking.

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Episode #27


In this episode, host Dr. Eric Keller interviews Dr. Sean Tutton about palliative care as an interventionalist, how he became interested in palliative care, and why he believes it is a crucial aspect of patient care in interventional radiology.

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