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Dr. Sandeep Bagla on the BackTable Urology Podcast

Dr. Sandeep Bagla

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Sandeep Bagla is a practicing interventional radiologist with the Vascular Institute of Virginia and the president of Prostate Centers USA.

Listen to Dr. Sandeep Bagla on the BackTable Urology Podcast

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Ep 22 Collaborative Approach to Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) for BPH with Dr. Claus Roehrborn and Dr. Sandeep Bagla
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About Dr. Sandeep Bagla

Dr. Sandeep Bagla graduated with Honors from St. Georges University School of Medicine in 2002 before completing residency at Albany Medical Center in NY in Diagnostic Radiology, including being selected as Chief Resident. He also completed Clinical Rotations in New York City, Clinical Research at Johns Hopkins Medical Institute Department of Neuroradiology. Dr. Bagla completed subspecialty training in Vascular & Interventional Radiology at George Washington University in 2008 and completed his Certificate of Added Qualification (CAQ) in Vascular & Interventional Radiology.

He has personally pioneered research in the fields of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Knee Arthritis and Minimally Invasive Cancer Therapy. Dr. Bagla has served as the Principal Investigator of numerous clinical trials and continues to improve novel methods to treat conditions that affect tens of millions of people. He is widely regarded as global leader in the field of embolization and vascular care. As the CEO of a software development company iExplain LLC, Dr. Bagla works to bring world-wide health care education in a streamlined approach. Most recently, iExplain, LLC launched the JiggleMed App, which aims to connect physicians around the world in a simple platform to promote education and improved health care for patients.

He has numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals, has co-authored books and chapters on multiple topics. Dr. Bagla currently sits on the physician advisory board of multiple worldwide medical device companies providing his advice for the future of embolization therapy, while also working to advance the mission of the Society of Interventional Radiology with multiple roles for the organization.

Dr. Bagla thrives most on his day to day interaction with patients who travel from around the world to seek out his expertise with a personal touch.

Learn more by visiting Dr. Sandeep Bagla's practice:

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Sandeep Bagla

Episode #22


Urologist Dr. Claus Roehrborn and Interventional Radiologist Dr. Sandeep Bagla discuss the pros and cons of Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) compared to other Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatments (MISTS) for Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH). They also discuss the importance of a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach when offering these treatment options, including agreeing on the best treatment for the patient.

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Collaborative Approach to Prostate Artery Embolization (PAE) for BPH with Dr. Claus Roehrborn and Dr. Sandeep Bagla on the BackTable Urology Podcast)
Perfecting Rectal Spacer Placement for Optimal Care with Dr. Neil Taunk on the BackTable Urology Podcast)


Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) Condition Overview
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