Prostate artery embolization technique

Prostate artery embolization technique may vary depending on which arterial access site is chosen (radial vs femoral). Different PAE techniques may also be utilized to minimize off-target embolization.

Zuby Syed • Dec 3, 2021 • 0 hits

Prostate artery anatomy

Understanding the variations in prostate artery embolization anatomy is crucial for improving technical success, reducing the chance of re-vascularization and minimizing non-target embolization. The variations in origin of the prostate artery can be sorted in a classification system.

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Aortic dissection complications during treatment

The three main aortic dissection complications during treatments include stroke, spinal cord ischemia, and spinal cord paralysis. This is important to note as these complications can extend hospital stays and contributes to higher mortality amongst patients.

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CT of aortic dissection types

Aortic dissection types can be classified depending on the location of the intimal tear, extent of involvement of the aorta, and duration of time from initial clinical presentation. Aortic dissection classifications can dictate medical management and surgical versus endovascular treatment.

Zuby Syed • Oct 15, 2021 • 47 hits

Pulmonary embolism response team meeting to discuss an acute pulmonary embolism case

A pulmonary embolism response team (PERT) requires a multidisciplinary mindset, clear communication channels, and effective use of technology to treat life threatening pulmonary embolism cases.

Quynh-Anh Dang • Aug 25, 2021 • 39 hits

Mechanical thrombectomy is a pulmonary embolism intervention that allows for rapid clot extraction

Pulmonary embolism interventions include catheter directed thrombolysis, mechanical thrombectomy, and surgical embolectomy. Patient selection and device selection depend on factors such as clot characteristics and availability of data for each type of intervention.

Quynh-Anh Dang • Aug 24, 2021 • 315 hits

Pulmonary embolism diagnosis involves risk stratification, cardiac enzyme studies, and echocardiogram and/or CT

Pulmonary embolism diagnosis involves risk stratification, cardiac enzyme studies, and echocardiogram and/or CT.

Quynh-Anh Dang • Aug 23, 2021 • 92 hits

Ascites management can involve paracentesis

We invited hepatologist Dr. Parvez Mantry to share his insights on different methods of ascites management and potential treatment modifications.

Quynh-Anh Dang • Jun 14, 2021 • 82 hits

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