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Arterial Thrombectomy Device Selection & Clinical Decision-Making
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There are a diversity of thrombectomy devices that are viable for arterial thrombectomy, including Boston Scientific AngioJet, Penumbra Indigo, AngioDynamics Auryon, and BD Rotarex. Each device has utility in different clinical scenarios. Learn more about effective arterial thrombectomy device selection.

Melissa Malena • Nov 15, 2023 • 40 hits

Arterial Thrombectomy in Acute Limb Ischemia: A Practical Guide
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Interventional radiologist Dr. Alexander Ushinksy details his procedural technique for arterial thrombectomy in acute limb ischemia, including patient preparation, imaging, heparinization, wire placement, and post-operative care.

Melissa Malena • Oct 31, 2023 • 38 hits

Adrenal Vein Sampling: Tips for Cannulating the Right Adrenal Vein
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Interventional radiologist Dr. Fritz Angle explains how to cannulate the right adrenal vein during adrenal vein sampling, how to confirm accurate placement, and how to ensure safe contrast injections

Rajat Mohanka • Oct 28, 2023 • 40 hits

Building an Acute Limb Ischemia Program: Focus on Referrals
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IR Dr. Alexander Ushinsky shares expert advice on building a thriving peripheral vascular practice with a successful acute limb ischemia program.

Melissa Malena • Oct 8, 2023 • 38 hits

Working up Acute Limb Ischemia: Rutherford Classification, Imaging Techniques & Essential Labs
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Dr. Alexander Ushinsky provides an in-depth look at his protocol for working up acute limb ischemia, covering physical examination, Rutherford classification, imaging, and labs; and how these various factors influence which treatment is most appropriate for the acute limb ischemia patient.

Melissa Malena • Oct 4, 2023 • 34 hits

Arterial Dissection Treatment with Tacks
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Arterial dissections can occur after lower extremity arterial angioplasty procedures. When they are both technically and clinically significant, they require treatment. Common methods of arterial dissection treatment include stents or Tacks, with stents being the more prevalent option.

Rajat Mohanka • Sep 27, 2023 • 31 hits

Tacks vs Stents For Arterial Dissection Treatment
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The Tack Endovascular System is a newer device that functions similarly to a stent, but with key differences that may make it more appropriate for treating arterial dissections in the superficial femoral artery (SFA) or the proximal popliteal artery.

Rajat Mohanka • Sep 25, 2023 • 39 hits

Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Basics
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Chronic total occlusions (CTOs) in patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) are always tricky to manage. Clinicians should understand how CTO morphology can be a meaningful predictor of revascularization success and should also be familiar with different techniques for crossing CTOs.

Caleb Solivio • Aug 13, 2023 • 50 hits

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