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Dr. Charles Nutting on the BackTable VI Podcast

Dr. Charles Nutting

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Charles Nutting is a practicing interventional radiologist with RIA Endovascular in Denver, Colorado.

Listen to Dr. Charles Nutting on the BackTable VI Podcast

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Ep 416 PAE in the OBL with Dr. Charles Nutting
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Podcasts Featuring Dr. Charles Nutting

Episode #416


In this episode of the BackTable Podcast, host Dr. Michael Barraza interviews guest Dr. Charles Nutting about prostatic artery embolization (PAE) in the outpatient-based lab (OBL) setting. Dr. Nutting is an interventional radiologist at Endovascular Consultants in Lone Tree, Colorado. The doctors discuss procedure techniques, patient selection, follow-up care, and benefits of the OBL environment over the hospital.

Episode #16


Dr. Charles Nutting FSIR of RIA Endovascular and Dr. Nainesh Parikh of Moffitt Cancer Center. They discuss pressure-directed, antireflux infusion for Y90 Radioembolization, including the SureFire Infusion system.

Articles Featuring Dr. Charles Nutting

Interventional radiologist performing pressure directed Y90 procedure

A pressure directed device may help increase control of Y90 radioembolization delivery to the tumor in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Having performed around 200 pressure directed procedures, Dr. Nutting describes his use of Surefire’s guide catheter and microcatheters when working with the Surefire Infusion System.

Surefire pressure directed infusion system radioembolization tumor

When treating HCC with Y90 radioembolization, a hypovascular tumor with low visibility on angiogram can indicate that a pressure directed device may help to deliver more of the intended dose to the tumor. Studies have shown that pressure directed devices increase tumor uptake and decrease non-target embolization.

Surefire pressure directed infusion system used on hcc tumor

The goal of Y90 radioembolization is to deliver the full dose of therapeutic to the tumor. Pressure directed therapy intermittently stops arterial flow and pushes therapeutic into the tumor using pressure that builds up during infusion, overcoming some of the technical limitations of end-hole catheters.

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