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BackTable / VI / Podcast / Episode #355

Update on EndoAVF Creation

with Dr. Neghae Mawla

In this episode, interventional nephrologist Dr. Neghae Mawla discusses endovascular AV fistula creation with our host Dr. Christopher Beck.

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Update on EndoAVF Creation with Dr. Neghae Mawla on the BackTable VI Podcast)
Ep 355 Update on EndoAVF Creation with Dr. Neghae Mawla
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BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2023, August 14). Ep. 355 – Update on EndoAVF Creation [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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Podcast Contributors

Dr. Neghae Mawla discusses Update on EndoAVF Creation on the BackTable 355 Podcast

Dr. Neghae Mawla

Dr. Neghae Mawla is an Interventional Nephrologist with Dallas Nephrology Associates in Texas.

Dr. Christopher Beck discusses Update on EndoAVF Creation on the BackTable 355 Podcast

Dr. Christopher Beck

Dr. Chris Beck is a practicing interventional radiologist with Regional Radiology Group in New Orleans.


We start off the episode by discussing Neghae’s current practice at Dallas Nephrology Associates, where most of his patient referrals come from his partners. Patients who come to see Neghae receive a standard vein mapping via ultrasound to determine whether they should receive an endovascular or a surgical procedure. If patients’ veins fit certain specifications, such as superficial location (cephalic, median cubital), large enough size (2-2.5 mm) and presence of large perforating veins (2 mm), then they are better candidates for an endovascular approach.

However, these rules do not perfectly predict fistula success. Neghae noticed that even if patients fit the above criteria, their fistulas don’t always mature correctly. With experience, he began to take into consideration the brachial vein size as well. While this is not part of the official vein mapping criteria, he has seen that if the brachial vein is significantly larger than the superficial veins, it could have a competitive outflow and hinder the maturation of the fistula.

The conversation then shifts to the types of devices used to create the anastomosis for the fistulas, WavelinQ and Ellipsys. Neghae notes that while most patients do well with either device, some patients do better with one over the other. Thus, he suggests that physicians are trained on both devices if possible, to guarantee the best outcomes. To end the episode, Neghae reflects on his previous decade of experience with endovascular AV fistulas and shares wisdom about failures and successes that he has learned from.


ASDIN White Paper: Management of cephalic arch stenosis endorsed by the American Society of Diagnostic and Interventional Nephrology:

ASDIN White Paper: Patient selection, education, and cannulation of percutaneous arteriovenous fistulae:

ASDIN Certification ink:

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