Our field is constantly evolving. We know from experience that it's not always easy to keep up with the latest tools and techniques, or even get back up to speed on a specific procedure. Access the BackTable app to browse our physician-catered knowledge base and stay in the know.

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"As the surgical subspecialist's repertoire rapidly expands, and with no dedicated knowledge base, it’s becoming more and more challenging for physicians to stay up-to-date on the best way to approach any given case. With BackTable, we aim to address this gap and improve practice globally." - Dr. Aaron Fritts, Co-Founder

Dr. Aaron Fritts

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Fritts is a co-founder of BackTable and an experienced IR. Early in his practice, Dr. Fritts realized the need for centralized, in-depth procedure and device information that IRs could access on the fly. Not long after, BackTable was born. Dr. Fritts is also a solo-practicing interventional radiologist in Dallas, Texas. In his free time...well, he makes podcasts. 

Anish Parikh

Business Development

Anish is a co-founder of BackTable and the only person in his immediate family that isn’t a physician. An experienced innovator and business leader, Anish led multiple companies to success in the renewable energy industry before founding Honcho and enjoying air time as a recurring host of the BackTable Podcast.

Bryant Schmitz

Digital Experience

Bryant spent the first 5 years of his professional career as an R&D engineer in the IR division of a major medical device company. As a med tech innovator, Bryant has invested countless hours in researching and observing IR practice, and also leverages his medical acumen to help providers boost patient acquisition with OnChart.

Dr. Chris Beck

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Beck is the Chief Community Officer of BackTable and a reluctant but regular host of our podcast. His current focus has been the new BackTable web app with the goal of creating and curating durable education content which will enrich the practice of endovascular specialists at any stage in their career. Dr. Beck is also practicing interventional radiologist in New Orleans, and has been quoted saying, "With a Kumpe and glidewire, I could conquer a small country."   

Dr. J. Michael Barraza Jr.

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Barraza spearheads strategic direction of BackTable and is a regular host of our podcast. Identifying the vast potential for BackTable as a one-stop hub to support his specialty, he volunteered as a consultant before officially joining the BackTable team in mid-2017. Dr. Barraza is a practicing interventional radiologist in Baton Rouge, LA. Outside of work, Dr. Barraza likes to do more work, make/raise kids, and create fantastic podcasts. 

Dr. Bryan Hartley

Med Tech Innovator

Dr. Hartley is a graduate of Vanderbilt’s diagnostic radiology residency and IR fellowship programs. Currently a clinical instructor and a Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellow, Dr. Hartley is heavily invested in medical innovation, entrepreneurship, and passing his expertise on to his IR peers.

Dr. Sabeen Dhand

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Dhand completed his fellowship at Northwestern and is currently an Interventional Radiologist at PIH Health in Los Angeles. His practice is focused on treating a wide variety of diseases, with a special interest in limb salvage, aortic aneurysms, and neurovascular disease including stroke.  

Lauren Fang

Pre-Medical Student

Lauren Fang is an aspiring physician and a talented editor. She enjoys traveling and has visited Cambodia, Rwanda, and Peru to conduct global health projects. Lauren also volunteers as a rare disease patient advocate, helping individuals obtain access to next generation sequencing. Check out her articles on the BackTable Blog.


To Improve Practice

The BackTable app is made by physicians for physicians. The fields of vascular and interventional care are constantly evolving, staying in the know is a continuous effort, and outdated techniques can mean subpar care. By providing healthcare professionals around the world with an up-to-date knowledge base, we believe that we can improve patient care on a global scale.

Proliferate Expertise

Experts have spent years refining their technique. Many are  interested in sharing what they've learned with the community, but do not have an effective channel to do so. With the BackTable app, we've provided a space for the vascular and interventional community to share their successes and failures so every doc can stand on the shoulders of giants.

And Accelerate Innovation

The BackTable app is built for practicing physicians, industry professionals, students, and the broader medical industry. We aim     to demystify vascular and interventional practice and make in-depth subject matter more accessible for med tech innovators and anyone that works alongside vascular and interventional specialists.

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