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Testicular Cancer

BackTable Urology is a knowledge resource for practicing physicians. Get practical advice on testicular cancer and how to build your practice by listening to the BackTable Urology Podcast, reading exclusing BackTable Articles, and following the work of our Contributors.

Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Podcasts

Listen to leading Urologists discuss testicular cancer on the BackTable Urology Podcast. Get tips, tricks, and expert guidance from your peers and level up your practice.

Ep. 3

Management of Testicular Cancer

Dr. Jose Silva talks with Urologist Dr. Aditya Bagrodia from UT Southwestern Medical Center about the medical and surgical management of testicular cancer.


Testicular Cancer Articles

Read our exclusive BackTable Urology Articles for quick insights on testicular cancer, provided by physicians for physicians.

MicroRNA Testing: The Latest in Testicular Cancer Markers

Testicular cancer markers are the first step in working up a testicular mass, but are not elevated in all testis cancers. MicroRNA biomarkers are elevated in roughly 90% of testis cancers.

Blood test for testicular cancer markers.

Testicular Cancer and Fertility After Orchiectomy

The testes are responsible for sperm production, so many patients have concerns about testicular cancer and fertility preservation after radical orchiectomy.

Young man consulting with his Urologist about testicular cancer and fertility after orchiectomy

BackTable Urology Contributors

Learn more about the Contributors of our testicular cancer content and check out more of their podcasts on BackTable Urology.

Dr. Aditya Bagrodia


Dr. Aditya Bagrodia on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Aditya Bagrodia is a practicing urologic oncologist and assistant professor at UT southwestern.


Testicular Cancer, Bladder Cancer

Dr. Jose Silva


Dr. Jose Silva on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Jose Silva is a board certified urologist practicing in Central Florida.


Career, Practice Building

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Management of Testicular Cancer


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