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Ep. 42

Physician Contract Negotiation

with Dr. Mary Costantino

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Ep. 33

Comprehensive Vein Care

with Dr. Brooke Spencer

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Ep. 17

Prostate Artery Embolization

with Dr. Ari Isaacson & Dr. Sandeep Bagla

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with Dr. Tim Yates and Dr. Lincoln Patel

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Tim Yates

In Part 1 of this 2-part series, the docs provide insight on how they made their career change decisions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of a hospital-based vs. outpatient-based endovascular practice.

Special thanks to our sponsor RADPAD® Radiation Protection.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Tim Yates

Dr. Tim Yates

& Dr. Lincoln Patel

Dr. Yates and Dr. Patel provide insight on how they made their career change decisions, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of hospital- vs. outpatient-based practice.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Barbara Hamilton

Dr. Barbara Hamilton

Dr. Mary Costantino

Dr. Barbara Hamilton and Dr. Mary Costantino, MD discuss inclusivity in IR, including the importance of mentorship and diversity in medicine.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Stephen Hunt

Dr. Stephen Hunt

& Dr. Michael Barraza

Dr. Stephen Hunt shares his international volunteer experiences traveling with IR4Nigeria and RAD-AID International Get involved at

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Michael Cumming

Dr. Michael Cumming

Dr. Mark Lessne

Dr. Michael Cumming and Dr. Mark Lessne discuss the utility of Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) in the diagnosis and treatment of deep venous disease.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Austin Bourgeois

Dr. Austin Bourgeois

& Dr. Chris Beck

Dr. Austin Bourgeois discusses ways you can improve your Cone Beam imaging for liver directed therapy, prostate artery embolization and how it can be used to improve safety.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Deepa Shree

Dr. Deepa Shree

Dr. Chris Beck

Dr. Deepa Shree tells us about the challenges she faced building her IR practice in Chennai, and how she is spreading awareness of the specialty and training new IRs.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. John Racadio

Dr. John Racadio

& Dr. Daniel von Allmen

IR Dr. John Racadio and Pediatric Surgeon Dr. Daniel von Allmen of Cincinnati Children’s discuss their work in the Hybrid OR and how cross-specialty collaboration has greatly improved patient care.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Ashley Agan

Dr. Ashley Agan

Dr. Sabeen Dhand

IR Sabeen Dhand and ENT Ashley Agan discuss management of Epistaxis, including how to effectively pack the nose, and when SPA ligation or arterial embolization are necessary.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Luke Wilkins

Dr. Luke Wilkins

& Dr. Michael Barraza

Special Guest Dr. Luke Wilkins of University of Virginia VIR discusses BRTO and PARTO techniques for treatment of gastric variceal bleeding.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Achal Sahai

Dr. Achal Sahai

Dr. Chris Beck

IC Dr. Achal Sahai and IR Dr. Christopher Beck discuss ways these two specialties collaborate on complex cases, share endovascular techniques, and avoid the "turf war" trap.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Maureen Kohi

Dr. Maureen Kohi

& Dr. Sandeep Bagla

Dr. Maureen Kohi and Dr. Sandeep Bagla discuss the challenges of dealing with procedural complications, and the importance of talking with colleagues and mentors in effective coping.

BackTable Podcast guest Dr. Peter Bream

Dr. Peter Bream

Dr. Peder Horner

East Coast "McBreamy" and "Western Peder" discuss their Colapinto vs. Uchida needle preference, advantages of the ICE catheter, and other pearls and pitfalls for the TIPS Procedure.


Dr. Arthur Caire

Dr. Shelby Bennett

Urologist Dr. Arthur Caire and IR Dr. Shelby Bennet return to discuss their approaches to urosepsis, stent vs. nephrostomy for a variety of presentations, and the middle-of-the-night patient.


Dr. Mary Costantino

her lawyer Courtney Angeli

Dr. Mary Costantino and her lawyer Courtney Angeli discuss the essentials of physician contract negotiation: finding the right lawyer, partnerships, non-competes, and critical pitfalls to avoid.

Urologist Arthur Caire on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Arthur Caire

Dr. Shelby Bennett

Urologist Dr. Arthur Caire and IR Dr. Shelby Bennett discuss their approaches to treating renal masses, laparoscopic versus percutaneous ablation, follow-up imaging, and more.

Dr. Mary Costantino on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Mary Costantino

Dr. Michael Barraza

Dr. Mary Costantino tells us the story of how she built her OBL practice in Portland and discusses the advantages of performing UFE and other procedures in the outpatient setting.

Access Vascular booth on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Arun Jagannathan

Dr. Jeffrey Chick

Dr. Arun Jagannathan and Dr. Jeffrey Chick discuss their approach to the Difficult IV access (DiVA) patient. Special thanks to sponsor Access Vascular, Inc. for lending their booth at #SIR19ATX.

Dr. Thor Johnson on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Thor Johnson

Dr. Chris Beck

Dr. Thor Johnson discusses his experience with the BioPince biopsy needle for liver, renal and soft tissue biopsies, and how to obtain better biopsy samples with fewer passes.

Dr. David Mobley on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. David Mobley

Dr. Michael Barraza

Dr. David Mobley of Columbia University VIR describes his over-the-wire technique to prevent tilting in IVC filter placement, and the advantages of a tilt free delivery.

Dr. Leif Dahleen on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Leif Dahleen

Dr. Chris Beck

Leif created his platform to inform and inspire physicians with insightful writing after he attained financial independence and the freedom to retire early.

Dr. Brooke Spencer on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Brooke Spencer

Dr. Isabel Newton

Dr. Brooke Spencer gets into the pearls and pitfalls of building a comprehensive vein practice, including a detailed discussion on the treatment of May-Thurner and Pelvic Congestion syndrome.

Dr. Nainesh Parikh on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Charles Nutting

Dr. Nainesh Parikh

Dr. Charles Nutting and Dr. Nainesh Parikh discuss Y90 radioembolization therapy for HCC using pressure directed anti-reflux systems.

Argon Medical Devices on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Sabeen Dhand

Dr. Chris Beck

Dr. Chris Beck and Dr. Sabeen Dhand describe their declot techniques, with an emphasis on when and how they use the Argon Cleaner device for these cases.

Dr. Justin Lee on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Justin Lee

Dr. Terence Gade

Dr. Justin Lee of Florida Interventional Specialists and Dr. Terence Gade of UPenn discuss the utility of pressure-directed therapy in TACE treatments.

Dr. Sabeen Dhand on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Kumar Madassery

Dr. Sabeen Dhand

Dr. Sabeen Dhand and Dr. Kumar Madassery discuss interventional approaches and preferred technologies for managing and treating peripheral artery disease.

Dr. Jason Iannuccilli on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Jason Iannuccilli

Dr. Chris Beck

Dr. Chris Beck and Dr. Jason Iannuccilli discuss radial vs femoral access in IO procedures, including the pros and cons of both, and a very informative "how I do it" for radial access by Dr. Iannuccilli.

Dr. Kumar Madassery on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Venu Vadlamudi

Dr. Kumar Madassery

Dr. Venu Vadlamudi of and Dr. Kumar Madassery discuss techniques and equipment for vertebral augmentation, including vertebroplasty vs. kyphoplasty.

Dr. Ari Isaacson on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Ari Isaacson

Dr. Sandeep Bagla

Dr. Ari Isaacson and Dr. Sandeep Bagla share their experiences with prostate artery embolization, including a candid discussion on practice building and equipment.

Dr. Aaron Shiloh on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Aaron Shiloh

Dr. Mike Barraza

Dr. Aaron Shiloh of PA Vascular Institute discusses his experiences adding Cosmetic IR procedures to his practice, as well as some essential online marketing strategies for IRs.

Dr. Aaron Fischman on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Aaron Fischman

Dr. Chris Beck

Dr. Aaron Fischman gets into the details of his technique, equipment and tips/tricks for transradial access, as well as its advantages in a variety of IR interventions.

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