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Post-Production Specialist

Part-Time Job for Medical or Pre-Medical Students • 100% Remote • Minimum 10 Hours Per Week

Our Post-Production Specialists are responsible for publishing new episodes of the BackTable podcast to the BackTable website and to Youtube. Post-production specialists at BackTable also play a role in managing key content features on the BackTable website, including sponsorships, contributor profiles, and topics.

About BackTable

BackTable is THE podcast network for practicing physicians. We produce educational and entertaining podcast shows on practical topics that help established physicians level up their day-to-day practice, provide basic training to aspiring healthcare practitioners, and inspire innovation in the field of medicine. Our flagship Endovascular show is listened to by over 40% of the Interventional Radiology community while our newer shows in ENT, Urology, and OB/GYN are quickly growing in audience and scope. With BackTable, you can help us shape the newest medium in medical education while learning about interesting topics and networking with leaders in medicine, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

Career Opportunity

BackTable is looking for talented self-starters with an interest in medicine, technology, and podcasting to join the BackTable Team. In this part-time, fully remote role, you’ll help us further expand on our innovative content offering and reach a broader audience of physicians, technologists, and trainees.

As a post-production specialist with BackTable, you will work on the post-production side of our podcast operations to help us prepare new episodes of the BackTable podcast for audiences on the BackTable website and Youtube. This role is hands-on-keyboard with every new episode launch and is critical to the success of our unique podcast distribution model.

Your responsibilities will include:

• Assisting with the launch of every new podcast episode (approximately 3-5 episodes per week)
• Using design templates to develop podcast artwork for new episodes
• Creating video versions of podcast episodes and uploading to BackTable YouTube channels
• Collecting information on episode content, guests, and sponsors for the BackTable website
• Updating the BackTable website using BackTable’s custom content management system
• Ensuring that related content features on the BackTable website are correctly linked together when new podcasts are published

Join the Network

BackTable is made by physicians for physicians. When you join the BackTable team, you'll be working alongside established physicians that have connections with major institutions, research centers, academia, industry, and private practice.


• Medical student or 4th year undergraduate student pursuing degree in biological sciences, biomedical engineering, health sciences, or related pre-medical field
• 3.6 minimum GPA

• Exceptional attention to detail
• Process-oriented
• A keen eye for digital design and aesthetics
• Ability to learn and understand new topics quickly with minimal guidance
• Self-motivated and able to meet recurring deadlines with minimal oversight
• Basic experience with Microsoft Powerpoint / Microsoft Excel / Google Sheets is a plus


Minimum 10 Hours Per Week


$18 Per Hour


Let us know why you're interested in the Post-Production Specialist role using the form below and we'll get in touch.

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