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Management of Erectile Dysfunction: The Role of Stress & Mental Health
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Sex therapist Mark Goldberg and urologist Dr. Jose Silva emphasize the comprehensive evaluation and management of erectile dysfunction, recognizing the influence of various life stressors on patients' sexual performance beyond physiological factors.

Javier Prieto III • Apr 10, 2024 • 34 hits

Psychogenic Aspects of Erectile Dysfunction & Sexual Performance Conditions
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Erectile dysfunction, a prevalent form of sexual dysfunction, intertwines with various factors like performance anxiety and premature ejaculation, requiring a holistic treatment approach integrating both psychological and physiological considerations, as advocated by sex therapist Mark Goldberg and urologist Dr. Jose Silva.

Javier Prieto III • Apr 10, 2024 • 36 hits

Tools for Prostate Cancer Screening & Risk Stratification
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A variety of prostate cancer screening tools can be used to aid in patient selection for biopsy, in addition to guiding prostate cancer risk stratification. Urologists Dr. Jose Silva and Dr. Ali Kasraeian detail the role of multiparametric MRI and molecular testing in the early detection of prostate cancer.

Lauren Fang • Apr 6, 2024 • 37 hits

An Overview of Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines
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The digital rectal exams and PSA blood tests both possess limitations as prostate cancer screening tools. Urologists Dr. Jose Silva and Dr. Ali Kasraeian share insight on society guidelines and research for PSA screening, decision-making, and patient education through a detailed risk-benefit analysis of prostate cancer detection.

Lauren Fang • Apr 5, 2024 • 37 hits

High-Risk Prostate Cancer: Diagnosis & Treatment Strategies
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Radical therapy remains the cornerstone in the treatment of high-risk prostate cancer, encompassing modalities such as radical prostatectomy and brachytherapy. Criteria for the high-risk prostate cancer designation typically include a Gleason score ranging from 8 to 10, grade 4 or 5, or PSA levels surpassing 20.

Javier Prieto III • Mar 7, 2024 • 37 hits

Radiation Therapy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer: Which Modality is Best?
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Urologic oncologist Dr. Aditya Bagrodia and radiation oncologist Dr. Daniel Spratt explain their approach to radiation therapy in high-risk prostate cancer treatment, emphasizing the latest clinical evidence.

Javier Prieto III • Mar 7, 2024 • 33 hits

Rectal Spacer Placement in Prostate Cancer: A Procedural Guide
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Dr. Javier-Desloges and Dr. Neil Taunk highlight the various aspects of rectal spacer placement procedures, including hydrogel spacers, operating room equipment, proper patient position, antibiotic treatment, and other factors to consider for surgical success.

Javier Prieto III • Feb 22, 2024 • 142 hits

Rectal Spacer Placement: Who Is The Ideal Patient?
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Urologic oncologist Dr. Javier-Desloges and radiation oncologist Dr. Neil Taunk discuss the ideal patient candidate for rectal spacer placement and other factors to consider before a rectal spacer procedure.

Javier Prieto III • Feb 13, 2024 • 53 hits

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