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For over four years, BackTable has provided the medical community with an on-demand platform of peer-to-peer education to improve healthcare and promote industry innovation. New to podcast marketing? Check out our complete guide on the Benefits of Podcast Advertising to learn more.

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Equipment Decisions When Building an OBL
Ep 167 Equipment Decisions When Building an OBL with Dr. Mary Costantino and Dr. Goke Akinwande
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Our target audience is your target audience. BackTable Shows are tuned towards specific sub-specialties and specific practice topics so that your message lands with the right group of physicians.  Download the BackTable Media Kit to learn more about sponsorship programs and the BackTable listenership.

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"We were covering TruSelect during a customer visit. The fellows were talking about our catheter and radial access, and how they heard about it on the BackTable Podcast. It definitely sounded like it piqued her interest, so it's great to see first hand the impact that these episodes have in the market."


Brian Christenson

Global Product Manager

Boston Scientific

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Get brand and message exposure to specialized physician decision makers with the BackTable Podcast

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