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Man undergoing in-office procedure in otolaryngology
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In-office procedures in otolaryngology can include turbinate reduction, nasal swell body reduction, balloon sinuplasty, VivAer, LATERA, and more. Learn more about offering in-office procedures as an ENT, and how to overcome common hurdles to providing office-based care.

Yvonne Ogrodzinski • Jan 26, 2023 • 33 hits

Woman undergoing in-office turbinate reduction to improve nasal breathing
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Turbinate reduction may be offered in-office to improve nasal breathing in patients with turbinate hypertrophy. Learn more about the indications and special considerations for offering turbine reduction in-office.

Yvonne Ogrodzinski • Jan 25, 2023 • 36 hits

A plastic surgeon performing facial feminization surgery
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Facial feminization surgery encompasses a variety of procedures that help to provide patients with a more youthful and feminine appearance. Learn more about common surgeries, postoperative care, and how to accelerate healing with exosome technology.

Taylor Spurgeon-Hess • Jan 11, 2023 • 31 hits

A pride flag with a stethoscope promoting gender affirming care
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Facial feminization surgery allows transgender patients to align their gender identities with their physical bodies. Learn more about facial feminization and how to provide inclusive care to the LGBTQ+ community.

Taylor Spurgeon-Hess • Jan 11, 2023 • 34 hits

An otolaryngologist prepares to perform a myringotomy
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Myringotomy allows for fluid drainage and pressure relief in the ear, making it a potentially effective treatment option for patients with eustachian tube dysfunction. Learn how to evaluate patient candidacy and how to utilize myringotomy for treatment.

Taylor Spurgeon-Hess • Nov 9, 2022 • 39 hits

A eustachian tube balloon dilation catheter
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Treating eustachian tube dysfunction with balloon dilation may offer lasting symptom relief for patients and often prevents the need for further interventions. Learn more about the procedure, how it works, and how otologists are counseling eligible patients.

Taylor Spurgeon-Hess • Oct 30, 2022 • 36 hits

An otolaryngologist explains the VivAer procedure technique to a patient
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The VivAer procedure can offer patients an effective and efficient alternative to surgery for nasal valve collapse. Learn more about procedure techniques, anxiolytic and anesthesia protocols, and the various anatomical applications of the VivAer device.

Taylor Spurgeon-Hess • Oct 6, 2022 • 39 hits

An ear canal showing the complications after ear tube surgery
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Various complications may arise for patients of all ages who have had ear tubes surgically placed. Learn more about how otolaryngologists are addressing clogged tubes and retained tubes, determining the need for replacement ear tubes, and treating blood clots, mucus, and tube otorrhea.

Taylor Spurgeon-Hess • Sep 22, 2022 • 534 hits

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