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Dr. Bryan Hartley on the BackTable VI Podcast

Dr. Bryan Hartley

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Bryan Hartley is a practicing radiologist, host of the BackTable Innovation series, and co-founder of Pulmera in Palo Alto, CA.

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Ep 445 Inside the IR Suite: A Clinician's Own Battle with Portal Vein Thrombosis with Dr. Jason Hoffmann
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About Dr. Bryan Hartley

Dr. Hartley is a radiologist, a medtech entrepreneur and a host of Backtable's innovation series. He completed a residency in diagnostic radiology and fellowship in IR at Vanderbilt before attending the Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellowship in 2017-18. His training at Stanford focused on developing the next generation of medical technology using a needs-based approach. Soon after Biodesign, Dr. Hartley co-founded Pulmera, a startup developing novel imaging technology to improve the diagnosis of early stage lung cancer. Currently, Dr. Hartley is an attending in cardiothoracic and abdominal imaging at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

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Podcasts Featuring Dr. Bryan Hartley

Episode #445


In this episode, Dr. Jason Hoffmann shares his harrowing personal experience as a patient with massive portal vein thrombosis - recounting the onset of his symptoms, the subsequent diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, all occurring while he was on-call for his own hospital. Dr. Hoffmann is an interventional radiologist and educator at NYU Langone Health.

Episode #437


In this episode, host Dr. Bryan Hartley takes us on a deep dive into the origin story and mission of Pulmera, a medtech company dedicated to transforming the field of bronchoscopic lung cancer diagnosis by retrofitting existing fluoroscopy machines into cone beam CT-like scanners. Dr. Hartley is a vascular and interventional radiologist and co-founded Pulmera, alongside interventional pulmonologist Dr. Harmeet Bedi at Stanford.

Episode #333


In this episode, host Dr. Bryan Hartley interviews Rishi Nayyar, co-founder and CEO of PocketHealth, the first patient-centered medical image exchange platform.

Episode #207


We talk with interventional cardiologist Dr. Gary Ansel about his career in medical device innovation, including the development of the Ansel Guiding Sheath and the Pounce Thrombectomy System (which was recently acquired by Surmodics, Inc.).

Episode #155


We talk with Vascular Surgeon John Martin about his entrepreneurial journey to becoming CMO of Butterfly Network, Inc., and their mission to revolutionize medical imaging and medical education.

Episode #151


We talk with Dr. David Liu about the life cycle of innovation projects, developing ideas strategically, and his mentorship work with Creative Destruction Lab.

Episode #140


Bryan Hartley talks with physician entrepreneur Dr. Mahmood Razavi about the essential elements of successfully starting a medtech company, as well as pitfalls to avoid.

Episode #132


Bryan Hartley talks with Neurosurgeon Dr. Chris Mansi about the origin story of, a company using Artificial Intelligence to Shorten Time to Treatment and Improve Access to Care for Stroke Patients.

Episode #128


We talk with Interventional Radiologist and Philips Chief Medical Officer Atul Gupta about his path from the interventional suite to the boardroom, and how physicians can work with device companies to innovate and make big impact changes in healthcare.

Episode #114


Dr. Julio Palmaz talks with Dr. Bryan Hartley about where he got the idea for the first commercially-available vascular stent, how he developed it working in his garage, and persevered despite repeated rejections to take it to market. Don't miss this one!

Episode #112


In this special Innovation episode, Dr. Aravind Arepally tells us the stories behind what inspires him to shoot for big impact projects, how he built a startup device company with Jim Chomas, and the importance of working with people who give you energy and challenge you.

Episode #105


Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) President Dr. Michael Dake tells us stories of the Aortic and Endovascular Innovations he participated in throughout various stages in his career.

Episode #100


Bryan Hartley talks with Lawrence "Rusty" Hofmann MD about his experiences in device and digital health innovation, including the inspiring story behind building Grand Rounds, a digital health company helping patients get better access to expert healthcare.

Episode #95


Interventional Cardiologist Todd Brinton tells us about his experiences in device innovation, including the pearls that come from failing, the importance of challenging dogma and understanding the market, and the ability to pivot as a predictor of success.

Episode #4


Dr. Bryan Hartley and Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss the pros and cons of using coils and/or vascular plugs for splenic trauma.

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