IVC Filter Placement

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Guidelines vary

Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) Guidelines:
Therapeutic (documented thromboembolic disease)
• Contraindication to anticoagulation
• Complications to anticoagulation
• Failure of anticoagulation
• Recurrent PE despite adequate therapy
• Inability to achieve/maintain adequate anticoagulation
• Propagation/progression of DVT during therapeutic anticoagulation
• Massive PE with residual DVT in patient at risk for further PE
• Free-floating iliofemoral or IVC thrombus
• Severe cardiopulmonary disease and DVT
Prophylactic placement
• Severe trauma without DVT
• Closed head injury, spinal cord injury, multiple long bone fractures
• High risk patients (immobilized or ICU)

American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP)
• Contraindication to anticoagulation
• Massive PE with DVT

Relative Contraindications:
• Uncorrectable severe coagulopathy
• Bacteremia or untreated infection

Preprocedural evaluation:
• H&P
• GFR - if renal insufficiency a concern, can use CO2 or IVUS
• Review prior imaging: is a filter already present, cava size, IVC duplication/atresia, position of renal veins


No routine antibiotic prophylaxis recommended

Venous access:
• Jugular vs. Femoral
• Primarily operator preference

Choose filter type: many options, both retrievable and permanent
Over the wire, place sheath. Size of sheath depends on filter

Perform cavogram (15 mL/s for 30 mL)
• Cava size, variant anatomy, IVC thrombus
• Position and number of renal veins

Filter deployment
• Will vary based on filter specifics
• Patient anatomy and extent of clot
• Unsheath filter without advancing or retracting the filter

Post filter cavogram
• Document position/tilt
• If jugular approach, avoid contact with filter which can alter positioning
Remove sheath


• Access site bleeding or thrombosis
• IVC thrombosis
• Filter issues: perforation, migration, embolization, fracture
• Infection
• Misdeployment
• Bleeding
• Air embolism

Postoperative care:
• Important to have system in place for follow up and potential filter retrieval
• 1 hour recovery

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