Dr. Isabel Newton on the BackTable Podcast

Dr. Isabel Newton

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Isabel Newton is a practicing interventional radiologist at UC San Diego Health in San Diego, CA.


Marketing, Vein Ablation, Transarterial Chemoembolization

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Newton

Ep. 64

Bridging to Transplant for HCC

Transplant Surgeon Dr. Jennifer Berumen and Interventional Radiologist Dr. Isabel Newton discuss the treatment of HCC and bridging patients to successful liver transplantation.


Ep. 33

Building a Comprehensive Vein Practice

Dr. Brooke Spencer gets into the pearls and pitfalls of building a comprehensive vein practice, including a detailed discussion on the treatment of May-Thurner and Pelvic Congestion syndrome.


Ep. 29

Interview With Interventional Initiative Founders

Interventional Initiative founders Isabel Newton and Susan Jackson taking us through the journey behind the awe-inspiring Without A Scalpel documentaries


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