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BackTable / VI / Podcast / Episode #318

Back on the Road2IR

with Dr. Janice Newsome, Dr. Judy Gichoya and Dr. Fabian Laage Gaupp

In this episode, Dr. Isabel Newton hosts a panel discussion on updates about Road2IR, an international consortium aimed at increasing access to IR procedures and education in East Africa and beyond. She is joined by Drs. Fabian Laage Gaupp, Judy Gichoya, and Janice Newsome.

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Back on the Road2IR with Dr. Janice Newsome, Dr. Judy Gichoya and Dr. Fabian Laage Gaupp on the BackTable VI Podcast)
Ep 318 Back on the Road2IR with Dr. Janice Newsome, Dr. Judy Gichoya and Dr. Fabian Laage Gaupp
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BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2023, May 3). Ep. 318 – Back on the Road2IR [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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Podcast Contributors

Dr. Janice Newsome discusses Back on the Road2IR on the BackTable 318 Podcast

Dr. Janice Newsome

Dr. Janice Newsome is an interventional radiologist with Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Judy Gichoya discusses Back on the Road2IR on the BackTable 318 Podcast

Dr. Judy Gichoya

Dr. Judy Gichoya is an interventional radiologist, researcher, and assistant professor at Emory University School of Medicine.

Dr. Fabian Laage Gaupp discusses Back on the Road2IR on the BackTable 318 Podcast

Dr. Fabian Laage Gaupp

Dr. Fabian Laage Gaupp is the Chief Resident in Interventional Radiology at Yale New Haven Hospital.

Dr. Isabel Newton discusses Back on the Road2IR on the BackTable 318 Podcast

Dr. Isabel Newton

Dr. Isabel Newton is a practicing interventional radiologist at UC San Diego Health in San Diego, CA.


We start by reviewing the origin story of Road2IR. In 2017, Dr. Laage Gaupp had been a second-year diagnostic radiology resident when he traveled to Tanzania for an IR readiness assessment. He found that most of the infrastructure to support IR procedures were already in place; however, there was no formal training program. From there, he and other Road2IR co-founders launched East Africa’s first IR training program, as a collaborative effort between Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Sciences (MUHAS), Yale Radiology, Emory Radiology, and many other partner institutions. Since then, graduates of the training program have gone on to become professors of IR in Tanzania as well as other countries.

The early years of the program required a lot of flexibility and patience, due to the limited amount of resources. It was necessary to start with simple procedures like core needle biopsies, abscess drainages, and nephrostomy tubes. Additionally, Dr. Gichoya emphasizes that these ordinary procedures can make a drastic difference in a patient’s life and even impact entire families. Being able to perform and teach a full spectrum of minimally invasive, life-saving procedures energizes her and other faculty members who donate their time and energy.

Dr. Newsome has served as the program director for the MUHAS IR program, and she speaks about the challenges that arose during the COVID pandemic, in terms of healthcare policy in Tanzania, as well as restrictions for university faculty travel in the United States. Through the height of the pandemic, the training program persisted with virtual oral examinations, meetings, and lectures. The logistics of travel, equipment, and education are still major challenges today, and they are addressed by a dedicated team of individuals with common goals.

Finally, we cover the concept of reverse innovation, aspects of healthcare in under-resourced settings that can inform the U.S. healthcare system. These include lessons in building local service lines, avoiding turf wars, and embracing technology.



Ep. 104- Bringing IR to East Africa: The Road2IR Story with Dr. Faabian Laage Gaupp:

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