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Dr. Laura Matrka on the BackTable ENT Podcast

Dr. Laura Matrka


Dr. Laura Matrka is an Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at Ohio State University.

Listen to Dr. Laura Matrka on the BackTable ENT Podcast

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Ep 21 Airway Surgery: What's in Your Toolbox? with Dr. Laura Matrka, Dr. Mark Gerber and Dr. Romaine Johnson
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About Dr. Laura Matrka

Dr. Matrka is a member of the American Laryngological Association and the Triological Society, an author of several book chapters on voice and airway problems, and is rated in the top 10 percent of physicians in the nation for patient satisfaction in 2016 and 2018. Dr. Matrka graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine in 2006, completed an internship and otolaryngology residency at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, and completed a fellowship in laryngology at the University Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. She is also board certified with the American Board of Otolaryngology. As an Associate Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology, she conducts research in the following fields: breathing disorders (airway stenosis, vocal cord dysfunction, use of jet ventilation), smoking-related vocal cord disorders, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis and HPV vaccination, professional voice users (singers, teachers, etc), and swallowing disorders.

Her focus is in ear, nose and throat surgery, and she specializes in voice and airway disorders. She completed additional training in the field of laryngology, giving her expertise in treating voice and airway problems. She treats patients who speak or sing professionally, as well as those with narrowing of the airway. She is passionate about helping people live as full a life as possible. Part of this passion comes from recognizing the fundamental role that the voice and airway play in our lives. Part of her role as a physician is to teach patients as much as she can. She gives them the information they need to feel good about making their own decisions about their health care. The multidisciplinary team of experts works one-on-one with their patients to create a targeted treatment plan specific to their disease.

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Episode #21


We talk with Laura Matrka MD and Mark Gerber MD about their approaches to airway surgery, including endoscopic vs open, tips on technique, and the importance of communication in the OR.

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