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Dr. Melanie Sulistio on the BackTable ENT Podcast

Dr. Melanie Sulistio

Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. Melanie Sulistio is an associate dean of student affairs at UT Southwestern.

Listen to Dr. Melanie Sulistio on the BackTable ENT Podcast

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Ep 105 Difficult Conversations with Dr. Melanie Sulistio
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About Dr. Melanie Sulistio

Dr. Melanie S. Sulistio is a professor of Internal Medicine (IM) at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in the Division of Cardiology. Dr. Sulistio completed her undergraduate training at Notre Dame, and her MD, IM residency training and cardiology fellowship at The University of Texas at San Antonio. In 2009, she became faculty at UT Southwestern. Her passion for medical education led her to multiple leadership roles including Associate Program Director in the internal medicine residency, Associate Program Director of the cardiology fellowship and Associate Dean of Student Affairs. She has received numerous teaching awards including multiple Outstanding Teaching Awards from the students, selection into AOA Honor Society, the Gold Humanism Honor Society, and the Southwestern Academy of Teachers (SWAT). She has also been selected by the students as a keynote speaker for multiple events including the Induction Ceremony, Anatomy Candlelight Vigil and Graduation Hooding ceremony.

Dr. Sulistio’s core mission is to promote and teach humanity and compassion in medicine. This is exhibited in her cardiology and cardio-palliative practice as well as her quality improvement and research regarding the effects of defibrillators at end of life. Her national work includes giving faculty development workshops on medical education, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, communication skills and end of life issues in cardiology. Dr. Sulistio believes the greatest teachers are her patients, and the legacy she hopes to leave is an example of growth, learning and service of others, particularly to her beloved children (Cole, Cannon and Quinn).

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Podcasts Featuring Dr. Melanie Sulistio

Episode #105


In this episode of BackTable ENT, Dr. Gopi Shah and Dr. Melanie Sulistio, associate dean of student affairs at UT Southwestern, talk about the importance and art of having difficult discussions with patients and medical colleagues.

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