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Fine Needle Aspiration

Fine Needle Aspiration Procedure Prep

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Ep 35 Thyroid Nodules with Dr. David Goldenberg
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Fine Needle Aspiration Podcasts

Listen to leading physicians discuss fine needle aspiration on the BackTable ENT Podcast. Get tips, tricks, and expert guidance from your peers and level up your practice.

Episode #35


Dr. David Goldenberg talks with us about the management of thyroid nodules, including workup, imaging and patient counseling.

Fine Needle Aspiration Articles

Read our exclusive BackTable ENT Articles for quick insights on fine needle aspiration, provided by physicians for physicians.

Fine needle aspiration biopsy smear showing a papillary carcinoma

Fine needle aspiration biopsy is today’s first-line test for diagnosing malignant thyroid nodules. Learn more about patient selection, cytology, and interpreting indeterminate results of fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy for thyroid nodules.

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Thyroid Nodules with Dr. David Goldenberg on the BackTable ENT Podcast)
Balloon Sinuplasty: Evolution, Efficacy & Expert Insights with Dr. Ayesha Khalid on the BackTable ENT Podcast)


Fine needle aspiration biopsy smear showing a papillary carcinoma

Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy in Thyroid Nodules


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