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Dr. William Flanary (Dr. Glaucomflecken) on the BackTable OBGYN Podcast

Dr. William Flanary (Dr. Glaucomflecken)


Dr. William Flanary (Dr. Glaucomflecken) is an ophthalmologist in Portland, Oregon and a comedian.

Listen to Dr. William Flanary (Dr. Glaucomflecken) on the BackTable OBGYN Podcast

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Ep 19 When Providers Become Patients: Testicular Cancer and Beyond with Dr. William Flanary aka Dr. Glaucomflecken
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About Dr. William Flanary (Dr. Glaucomflecken)

Dr. Will Flanary is an ophthalmologist and part-time comedian who moonlights in his free time as "Dr. Glaucomflecken" a social media personality who creates medical-themed comedy shorts across social media. He got his start in comedy as an 18-year-old performing stand-up in his hometown of Houston, TX. He later decided to embark on the much easier route of becoming a doctor.

He was diagnosed with testicular cancer in his 3rd year of med school. His experience as a patient and med student kicked off his interest in medical comedy, using humor as a coping mechanism. After a successful surgery and four years of med school, Will attended an ophthalmology residency program. Unfortunately, cancer found him again during residency, and he again turned to comedy - this time, starting an account on Twitter. He called himself "Dr. Glaucomflecken" because it is clearly the funniest word in the field of ophthalmology.

When the pandemic hit, his jokes and videos were a welcome reprieve from the horrors of working in health care. He expanded his comedy repertoire to short skits incorporating a wide range of characters who worked at a fictional hospital called "Glaucomflecken General." Dr. Glaucomflecken has now amassed over 3 million fans, collaborated with the US Surgeon General, gave the Yale Medical School commencement address in 2022, and has given dozens of keynote speeches worldwide.

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Episode #19


In this episode of BackTable, Dr. Bagrodia interviews Dr. William Flanary, a physician-comedian popularly known as Dr. Glaucomflecken, about lessons he has learned as a two-time testicular cancer survivor and the importance of humor in medicine.

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