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BackTable / Urology / Podcast / Episode #86

Men's Health and Social Media

with Dr. Justin Dubin

In this episode of BackTable, Dr. Jose Silva and Dr. Justin Dubin chat about the benefits and pitfalls of using social media to network with colleagues and to educate patients about urological conditions.

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Men's Health and Social Media with Dr. Justin Dubin on the BackTable Urology Podcast)
Ep 86 Men's Health and Social Media with Dr. Justin Dubin
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BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2023, March 13). Ep. 86 – Men's Health and Social Media [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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Podcast Contributors

Dr. Justin Dubin discusses Men's Health and Social Media on the BackTable 86 Podcast

Dr. Justin Dubin

Dr. Justin Dubin is a urologist and men's heath specialist with Memorial Healthcare System in Florida.

Dr. Jose Silva discusses Men's Health and Social Media on the BackTable 86 Podcast

Dr. Jose Silva

Dr. Jose Silva is a board certified urologist practicing in Central Florida.


First, Dr. Dubin explains why he created his own social media presence, which was to control his own narrative online. However, he realized that he could also form valuable connections with other doctors through social media, which motivated him to develop his social media from a professional standpoint. For instance, he was able to connect with other researchers virtually and publish papers. He encourages other urologists to create professional social media accounts but to also portray themselves authentically.

Next, he explains his job search after fellowship. He had to consider his own priorities, most important of which was to have a clinic focused on men’s health, not just general urology. Additionally, he only refers patients to primary care physicians he would go to himself. Next, he and Dr. Silva discuss the workup for patients with low testosterone. According to guidelines, treatment is warranted if the patient has a low testosterone level and is symptomatic. Dr. Dubin emphasizes the importance of explaining to young patients that testosterone replacement therapy can cause infertility through azoospermia or anejaculation. Dr. Silva debunks the myth that testosterone replacement causes prostate cancer. Then, the doctors discuss the benefits of the expanding field of telemedicine. Dr. Dubin explains that telemedicine mitigates the stigma of erectile dysfunction and increases the convenience and accessibility of urologic care.

Finally, Dr. Silva and Dr. Dubin comment on the increasing incidence of misinformation from social media about urologic conditions. Dr. Dubin summarizes a paper he published about harmful myths propagated by non-medical personnel on TikTok and Instagram. Both of the doctors agree that podcasts, such Dr. Dubin’s Man Up Podcast, can provide accurate information to patients. Dr. Silva notes the importance of outreach to younger patients, who utilize social media more and are more prone to misinformation.



Man Up Podcast

“The broad reach and inaccuracy of men’s health information on social media: analysis of TikTok and Instagram” (Dubin, 2022)

“Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time” by Keith Ferrazzi

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