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Dr. Cullen Ruff

Diagnostic Radiologist

Dr. Cullen Ruff is a practicing diagnostic radiologist and associate professor in Virginia.

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Ep 168 Debunking Contrast Allergies with Dr. Cullen Ruff
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Episode #168

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We talk with Dr. Cullen Ruff about common misconceptions when it comes to IV contrast and issues with the "contrast allergy", including ways we can improve patient care and clinical workflows by clarifying the true source of these reactions.

Articles Featuring Dr. Cullen Ruff

Iodine contrast allergy filter placement with contrast

Our medical vocabulary needs to name specific contrast agents rather than label these “iodine allergies” in order to streamline patient prep for CT scans. Dr. Ruff discusses how changing the contrast agent with steroid premedication is the most effective intervention for a known contrast allergy.

Iodine contrast allergy MRA gadolinium

Though incorrect, the term "iodine allergy" is still used to describe contrast dye allergy, Betadine soap allergy, and even shellfish allergy. Radiologist Dr. Cullen Ruff suggests that the term "iodine allergy" should no longer be used in the medical field as patients are not allergic to the iodine itself, but rather to some other component in the contrast agent.

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Debunking Contrast Allergies with Dr. Cullen Ruff on the BackTable VI Podcast)
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