BackTable / VI / Podcast / Episode #147

Passion Projects & Entrepreneurship

with Dr. Sahil Mehta

We talk with Dr. Sahil Mehta, founder of MedSchoolCoach, about how a side gig as an MCAT and med school tutor scaled up into a successful business. We also talk about the importance of passion projects of all types and sizes in preventing burnout, and avoiding "analysis paralysis" when it comes to starting a new business.

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Passion Projects & Entrepreneurship with Dr. Sahil Mehta on the BackTable VI Podcast)
Ep 147 Passion Projects & Entrepreneurship with Dr. Sahil Mehta
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Podcast Contributors

Dr. Sahil Mehta discusses Passion Projects & Entrepreneurship on the BackTable 147 Podcast

Dr. Sahil Mehta

Dr. Sahil Mehta is a practicing Interventional Radiologist with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachussetts and the Founder and CEO of MedSchoolCoach.

Dr. Aaron Fritts discusses Passion Projects & Entrepreneurship on the BackTable 147 Podcast

Dr. Aaron Fritts

Dr. Aaron Fritts is a Co-Founder of BackTable and a practicing interventional radiologist in Dallas, TX.

Show Notes

In this episode, physician entrepreneurs Dr. Sahil Mehta and Dr. Aaron Fritts discuss how they started their passion projects and share business operations advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Dr. Mehta starts the show by telling the origin story of MedSchoolCoach, an online educational platform created to help students achieve their goals of entering medicine. MedSchoolCoach offers academic and career resources for high school, college, and medical students. While Dr. Mehta was a medical student when he originally had the idea for the company, the majority of business development occurred in his IR fellowship year.

The doctors talk about how passion projects can protect against burnout and actually relieve academic and financial stress from working in clinical practice. They also emphasize how they can apply business concepts to enhance their clinical practices. For example, marketing MedSchoolCoach to consumers taught Dr. Mehta how to better market IR procedures directly to patients.

Scaling up a business can present obstacles, so Dr. Mehta outlines strategies for hiring the right people, conducting market research, and making effective use of social media. He highlights the fact that motivated and talented employees can always learn specific industry knowledge.

To anyone who is debating whether or not to pursue a passion project, Dr. Mehta advises them to avoid over-analysis and jump into the idea because it will always be a learning experience.


Disclaimer: The Materials available on are for informational and educational purposes only and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating patients. The opinions expressed by participants of the BackTable Podcast belong solely to the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of BackTable.

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