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Dr. Woojin Kim on the BackTable Innovation Podcast

Dr. Woojin Kim


Dr. Woojin Kim is a radiologist and the chief medical information officer at Rad AI in California.

Listen to Dr. Woojin Kim on the BackTable Innovation Podcast

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Ep 68 Transforming Radiology with Workflow Solutions with Dr. Woojin Kim
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Podcasts Featuring Dr. Woojin Kim

Episode #68

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In this episode, interventional radiologist Dr. Bryan Hartley interviews Dr. Woojin Kim, a musculoskeletal radiologist and serial entrepreneur. Dr. Kim is a musculoskeletal (MSK) radiologist with a background in imaging informatics and a founder of three companies. He outlines his journey, from his early life as an immigrant in the US to his entrepreneurial successes in the field of radiology.

Dr. Kim shares the processes, challenges, and lessons learned from founding and exiting three different startups. As an MSK fellow, he developed Yottalook, a search engine for radiology images, which eventually became his first company, iVirtual. After a brief time working in private practice, he returned to academia and co-founded his second company, Montage, a radiology search and data mining tool that offers clinical and operational analytics. Later on, he entered the artificial intelligence (AI) space and co-founded Equium, an application for radiology resource and staffing optimization. In recent years, Dr. Kim has shifted his focus to non-interpretive AI, a field that is centered around streamlining the radiologist’s workflow and improving work-life balance.

Throughout the episode, Dr. Kim shares advice for other entrepreneurs. He highlights the importance of building companies with good co-founders whose skills and experiences complement each other. He also encourages listeners to look at other industries and network to gain ideas about how to improve their own fields. Finally, he emphasizes that companies that are looking to be acquired should demonstrate adequate knowledge over return on investment, total cost of ownership, and regulatory requirements.

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