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Peyronie's Disease

Peyronie's Disease Condition Overview

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Ep 114 Men's Health & Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Bud Burnett
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Peyronie's Disease Podcasts

Listen to leading physicians discuss peyronie's disease on the BackTable Urology Podcast. Get tips, tricks, and expert guidance from your peers and level up your practice.

Episode #114


This week on the BackTable Urology Podcast, Dr. Jose Silva discusses sexual health with Dr. Arthur “Bud” Burnett, professor of urology at John Hopkins University, with an emphasis on the importance of preventative medicine in improving sexual health and different treatments for erectile dysfunction.

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Episode #23


Dr. Jose Silva brings Dr. Jonathan Clavell back onto the show to discuss complex penile implant cases. They cover how to deal with mechanical complications of AMS700 and Coloplast Titan, penile implants in Peyronie's disease, penile implants in priapism, tips for successful revision surgery, and how to manage post-operative infections.

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Peyronie's Disease Articles

Read our exclusive BackTable Urology Articles for quick insights on peyronie's disease, provided by physicians for physicians.

Penile implant surgery consultation

Patients with chronic priapism require special considerations when undergoing penile implant surgery. Dr. Jonathan Clavell shares advice about assessing the extent of fibrosis present, special preoperative therapies, and additional surgical techniques in order to place a penile implant successfully.

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Men's Health & Testosterone Replacement Therapy with Dr. Bud Burnett on the BackTable Urology Podcast)
Complex Penile Implants with Dr. Jonathan Clavell on the BackTable Urology Podcast)
Perfecting Rectal Spacer Placement for Optimal Care with Dr. Neil Taunk on the BackTable Urology Podcast)


Penile implant surgery consultation

Penile Implant Surgery in Patients with Chronic Priapism


Dr. Bud Burnett on the BackTable Urology Podcast

Dr. Bud Burnett

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