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Dr. Jihad Mustapha on the BackTable VI Podcast

Dr. Jihad Mustapha

Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Jihad Mustapha is a practicing Interventional Cardiologist and CEO at Advanced Cardiac & Vascular Centers for Amputation Prevention in Michigan.

Listen to Dr. Jihad Mustapha on the BackTable VI Podcast

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Ep 305 Tools for Crossing Challenging CTOs with Dr. Jihad Mustapha
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About Dr. Jihad Mustapha

Jihad Mustapha, MD, FACC, FSCAI, is a board-certified interventional cardiologist.

Today, Dr. Jihad Mustapha is recognized throughout the world as a pioneer for his groundbreaking work in critical limb ischemia, or CLI, which is marked by the severe obstruction of arteries drastically reducing blood flow to the extremities. Left untreated, CLI can result in amputations. He has authored numerous papers and teaches and speaks internationally on the topic.

Dr. Jihad Mustapha’s story is even more incredible considering that at just 15, he fled his war-torn homeland of Lebanon, landing alongside not a single friend or family member at JFK airport, with $80 to his name and little more than a single change of clothes.

By the next day – despite knowing no English – he was hawking umbrellas and flowers on the streets of New York. He enrolled in night school to learn the language, lived with a sister to save money, and eventually moved to Michigan, where he worked at a restaurant cleaning toilets and bussing tables.

In time, Dr. Jihad Mustapha enrolled in college to become a physicist, but to honor the memory of a brother who died before realizing his own dream of becoming a doctor, switched gears and entered the pre-med program at Wayne State University. He later earned his medical degree from St. George University School of Medicine in Grenada.

“If anything,” he says, “I do know a bit about loss and deficits, and I hope that has helped me to develop empathy for the many patients we have the privilege of treating.

“In virtually every instance, we are trying to create hope for people who have been given devastating news. That is what brings me to work every day. That is what motivates me as a doctor, but perhaps more importantly, as a human being.

“When you save someone’s leg, you’re often saving their life.”

Known in some circles as “The Leg Saver,” Dr. Jihad Mustapha performs artery and vein catheterizations that open up blocked vessels to improve circulation and reduce the need for amputations.

He is proud to have co-founded the first Advanced Cardiac and Vascular Amputation Prevention Center. With nephew Fadi Saab, M.D., Dr. Jihad Mustapha hopes it will serve as a national model for amputation prevention – one of many to eventually take root throughout the United States.

Dr. Jihad Mustapha is a board-certified interventional cardiologist specializing in endovascular revascularization of PAD, specifically CLI. He serves as Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine at Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and is a Founder and Director of the AMPutation Prevention Symposium, and a Founding Board Member of the CLI Global Society.

Learn more by visiting Dr. Jihad Mustapha's practice:

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Jihad Mustapha

Episode #305

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In this episode, host Dr. Sabeen Dhand interviews Dr. Jihad Mustapha, interventional cardiologist, about new technology for treating CLI, including CTOP classification, CTO crossing techniques, and reentry devices.

Episode #60

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CLI fighters Sabeen Dhand and Jihad A. Mustapha discuss the essentials of building a successful Limb Salvage program, including the importance of a multidisciplinary approach, broadening skill sets such as pedal access, and meticulous patient follow up.

Articles Featuring Dr. Jihad Mustapha

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Challenges with building a limb salvage program and advances in tibial-pedal access and extravascular ultrasound for optimal CTO crossing

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Limb salvage programs focus on preventing amputations from Critical Limb Ischemia (CLI). We spoke with Dr. Mustapha to learn what limb salvage is, how to build a successful limb salvage program, & the importance of a multidisciplinary team.

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