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BackTable / VI / Podcast / Episode #356

Digital Marketing Strategies

with Dr. Eric DePopas

In this episode, host Dr. Aaron Fritts interviews interventional radiologist Dr. Eric DePopas about digital marketing strategies for physicians. Eric is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of Helped, a company designed to connect patients to IR physicians.

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Digital Marketing Strategies with Dr. Eric DePopas on the BackTable VI Podcast)
Ep 356 Digital Marketing Strategies with Dr. Eric DePopas
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BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2023, August 18). Ep. 356 – Digital Marketing Strategies [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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Podcast Contributors

Dr. Eric DePopas discusses Digital Marketing Strategies on the BackTable 356 Podcast

Dr. Eric DePopas

Dr. Eric DePopas is an interventional radiologist in Denver, Colorado and the co-founder of Helped.

Dr. Aaron Fritts discusses Digital Marketing Strategies on the BackTable 356 Podcast

Dr. Aaron Fritts

Dr. Aaron Fritts is a Co-Founder of BackTable and a practicing interventional radiologist in Dallas, Texas.


To begin the episode, Eric shares his motivations behind starting Helped and the unique story of sharing this undertaking with his brother and co-founder Kevin DePopas. He discusses his uphill battle of marketing IR services and building a strong patient base.

Eric also covers differences between digital versus in-person marketing. He emphasizes that the digital world is not a substitute for boots on the ground, and he underscores the importance of building word of mouth through strong clinical work and regularly interacting with referring physicians. Eric also shares valuable digital marketing takeaways and questions to ask marketing agencies.

Then, Eric breaks down paid-search (Google), paid-social (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok), and radio marketing strategies. Aaron and Eric discuss how to approach the bottom of the marketing funnel (where potential patients become treated patients), and how to engage and guide patients with interactive online quizzes.

Finally, the doctors examine the value of customer relation management systems (CRMS). Eric explains how CRMS is a high fidelity approach to assessing patient knowledge and how it is a key component in building a truly robust funnel. The episode concludes with Eric giving parting advice and encouragement for physicians in the marketing world.


Disclaimer: The Materials available on are for informational and educational purposes only and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating patients. The opinions expressed by participants of the BackTable Podcast belong solely to the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of BackTable.

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