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Dr. Madan Kandula on the BackTable ENT Podcast

Dr. Madan Kandula


Dr. Madan Kandula is a practicing ENT and the founder and CEO at ADVENT in Milwaukee, WIsconsin.

Listen to Dr. Madan Kandula on the BackTable ENT Podcast

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Ep 72 The Future of Otolaryngology is in the Office with Dr. Madan Kandula
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About Dr. Madan Kandula

Dr. Madan Kandula, MD was the first surgeon to perform Balloon Sinuplasty in Wisconsin, and he leads his specialty as a pioneering and visionary otolaryngologist. Board-certified in his specialty, Dr. Kandula is a thought leader for breathing and snoring/sleep apnea solutions.

Dr. Kandula majored in Religion, Cultural Anthropology, and Biological Anthropology and Anatomy at Duke University before applying to medical school. He received his medical degree from Drexel School of Medicine, and went on to complete his residency at The University of Oklahoma.

While in Oklahoma, Dr. Kandula met his wife, Gwen – an Audiologist. Upon becoming a Board-Certified Otolaryngologist, they moved to Wisconsin. They joined a practice and shortly thereafter decided to open their own.

They started ADVENT on November 1, 2004. Dr. Kandula routinely treats patients who have had previously unsuccessful surgeries and is often able to deliver better results with less invasive procedures. Whether innovating new treatments or redefining independent medical practice for the 21st century, Dr. Kandula follows a philosophy of doing better today than what was done yesterday.

Learn more by visiting Dr. Madan Kandula's practice:

Podcasts Featuring Dr. Madan Kandula

Episode #72


In this episode of BackTable ENT, Dr. Shah and Dr. Agan speak with Dr. Mandan Kandula, founder of ADVENT, an ENT private medical practice, about embracing in-office procedures and building an efficient ENT private practice.

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In-office procedures in otolaryngology can include turbinate reduction, nasal swell body reduction, balloon sinuplasty, VivAer, LATERA, and more. Learn more about offering in-office procedures as an ENT, and how to overcome common hurdles to providing office-based care.

Woman undergoing in-office turbinate reduction to improve nasal breathing

In-office turbinate reduction surgery is performed to improve nasal breathing in patients with turbinate hypertrophy. Learn more about the indications and special considerations for offering in-office turbine reduction surgery.

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