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Dr. Jason Iannuccilli

Interventional Radiologist

Dr. Jason Iannuccilli is a practicing interventional radiologist with Rhode Island Medical Imaging.

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Ep 26 Radial vs. Femoral Access in IO Procedures with Dr. Jason Iannuccilli
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Episode #26

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Dr. Christopher Beck and Dr. Jason Iannuccilli discuss radial vs femoral access in IO procedures, including the pros and cons of both, and a very informative "how I do it" for radial access by Dr. Iannuccilli.

Articles Featuring Dr. Jason Iannuccilli

Radial access patient undergoing liver treatment

Interventional radiologist Dr. Jason Iannuccilli covers patient selection, equipment, and step-by-step instructions to minimize complications and maximize technical success in oncologic embolization procedures.

Catheter lab set up for radial access

Many interventional radiologists still find the ergonomics of radial access to be awkward and even uncomfortable when performing oncologic embolization procedures. Dr. Jason Iannuccilli talks through his cath lab layout and the tricks he uses to be successful with radial access.

Interventionalist performing radial access in the cath lab

For many interventional oncologists, the decision to go femoral or radial is often a matter of prior experience and comfort with the technique. In our recent podcast, Dr. Jason Iannuccilli, Dr. Chris Beck, and Dr. Michael Barraza provide rationale on their preferred access method in oncologic embolization procedures, covering the pros and cons of both approaches, and the distinct advantages that radial access may provide. We’ve provided the highlight reel and some insightful quotes from our IR

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Radial vs. Femoral Access in IO Procedures with Dr. Jason Iannuccilli on the BackTable VI Podcast)
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