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BackTable / VI / Podcast / Episode #307

IR Locums Update

with Dr. Kavi Devulapalli and Dr. Vishal Kadakia

In the second part of our IR Locums series, guest host Dr. Shamit Desai interviews Drs. Kavi Devulapalli and Vishal Kadakia, reuniting at SIR 2023, to discuss the process of finding and negotiating locum tenens opportunities. They each provide an update on their clinical practice and perspectives about the job market in the last year.

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IR Locums Update with Dr. Kavi Devulapalli and Dr. Vishal Kadakia on the BackTable VI Podcast)
Ep 307 IR Locums Update with Dr. Kavi Devulapalli and Dr. Vishal Kadakia
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BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2023, March 31). Ep. 307 – IR Locums Update [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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Podcast Contributors

Dr. Kavi Devulapalli discusses IR Locums Update on the BackTable 307 Podcast

Dr. Kavi Devulapalli

Dr. Kavi Devulapalli is an independent interventional radiologist in North Carolina.

Dr. Vishal Kadakia discusses IR Locums Update on the BackTable 307 Podcast

Dr. Vishal Kadakia

Dr. Vishal Kadakia is a locums interventional radiologist.

Dr. Shamit Desai discusses IR Locums Update on the BackTable 307 Podcast

Dr. Shamit Desai

Dr. Shamit Desai is a practicing interventional radiologist with UChicago Medicine in Illinois.


Dr. Devalupalli begins by describing the choices that IRs can make about networking, whether they prefer to personally search for locums opportunities, or whether they work with a staffing agency. Through conversations with people in the staffing industry, he has learned that their margins are around 30-40% of an IR’s daily rate. Deciding whether or not to use a staffing agency is up to the physician and their networking needs, but there are an abundance of direct ways to connect with jobs through online communities, conferences, and device representatives. Having more personal contact with employers and practice owners can also provide more information about each site’s work environment, case load, case variety, and expectations. Dr. Kadakia notes that some clients have signed exclusive locums contracts, so they are prohibited from working with physicians that do not go through the staffing agency. He also talks about national groups establishing locums departments to staff different branches in need of extra help, and how this could be an alternative to staffing agencies.

Dr. Devalupalli mainly works with physician-owned practices and he emphasizes the value of speaking directly to practice owners. This is a good way to build trust and reduce bureaucratic inefficiencies. Dr. Kadakia shares a personal marketing tip: He creates a one-page introduction to his skills and reviews, which succinctly lets clients know what he can offer.

Next, we discuss the changing job market as demand for IRs is increasing and trainee interest in locums is growing. IR training primarily occurs within a hospital-based setting, so it would be an easier transition for early career IRs to do inpatient locums, as opposed to starting in an OBL setting. Overtime, as one proves their skills, confidence, and efficiency, it will become easier to find outpatient opportunities.

Finally, the doctors discuss the importance of transparency around contracts and fees. They give concrete examples of price floors and necessary terms to define in locums contracts. Both doctors also speak about being open to variability in rates based on the need for travel, case and payer mix, and call schedule.


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