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BackTable / OBGYN / Podcast / Episode #47

Decoding Chronic Pelvic Pain

with Dr. Jorge Carillo

In this episode of BackTable OBGYN, host Dr. Mark Hoffman engages in a comprehensive discussion with Dr. Jorge Carrillo, a MIGS specialist at the Orlando VA Healthcare System and Site Director for the UCF/HCA Healthcare OB/GYN Residency Program, about the complexities of chronic pelvic pain from the perspective of a biopsychosocial model.

The conversation dwells mostly on the intricate relationship between pain, trauma, and the patient’s psychological state as it relates to chronic pelvic pain. Dr. Carrillo emphasizes the importance of adopting a trauma-informed care approach that creates a safe environment for patients. The discussion also covers the use of surveys for patient information, the importance of organizing thoughts during patient evaluation, and an outline of the four major categories of pelvic pain: gynecologic, urologic, gastrointestinal, and musculoskeletal. Dr. Carrillo shares valuable insights into managing complex conditions such as pelvic pain, providing an education-first approach for patients with emphasis on shared decision-making, and outlines how he and his team operate within a multidisciplinary framework for patient treatment.

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Decoding Chronic Pelvic Pain with Dr. Jorge Carillo on the BackTable OBGYN Podcast)
Ep 47 Decoding Chronic Pelvic Pain with Dr. Jorge Carillo
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BackTable, LLC (Producer). (2024, February 20). Ep. 47 – Decoding Chronic Pelvic Pain [Audio podcast]. Retrieved from

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Podcast Contributors

Dr. Jorge Carillo discusses Decoding Chronic Pelvic Pain on the BackTable 47 Podcast

Dr. Jorge Carillo

Dr. Jorge Carillo is a gynecologic surgeon with the Orlando VA Healthcare System and an assistant professor at the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Mark Hoffman discusses Decoding Chronic Pelvic Pain on the BackTable 47 Podcast

Dr. Mark Hoffman

Dr. Mark Hoffman is a minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon at the University of Kentucky.

Show Notes

00:00 - Introduction
04:32 - Dr. Carrillo’s Journey in the Medical Field
08:51 - The Importance of Trauma-Informed Care in Chronic Pelvic Pain
14:54 - Understanding the Biopsychosocial Model in Chronic Pelvic Pain
19:49 - The Initial Approach to Evaluating Patients with Chronic Pelvic Pain
25:25 - Understanding Nociplastic Pain and Sensitization
28:00 - Treatment Approaches for Sensitization
29:26 - The Importance of Organized Thinking in Pain Management
30:20 - The Role of Questionnaires in Patient Assessment
35:10 - The Importance of Multimodal Approach in Pain Management
43:00 - The Role of the Provider in Organizing Patient Care
45:37 - The Importance of Education in Pelvic Pain Management


International Pelvic Pain Society Handouts for Different Disorders of Chronic Pelvic Pain:

Disclaimer: The Materials available on are for informational and educational purposes only and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosing and treating patients. The opinions expressed by participants of the BackTable Podcast belong solely to the participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of BackTable.

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