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Ep. 70

CO₂ Angiography

with Dr. James Caridi

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Ep. 60

Building A Limb Salvage Program

with Dr. Jihad Mustapha

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Ep. 45

Coping With Complications

with Dr. Maureen Kohi & Dr. Sandeep Bagla

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with Dr. Jeffrey Chick and Dr. Michael Barraza

Building a Deep Venous Program

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Jeffrey Chick

Interventional Radiologist Dr. Jeffrey Chick tells us about his deep venous practice at UW Medicine including tips on growing a collaborative, multidisciplinary venous program.

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BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Jafar Golzarian

Dr. Jafar Golzarian


Dr. Michael Barraza

Dr. Jafar Golzarian from University of Minnesota Medical Center give us an update on Geniculate Artery Embolization as a therapeutic option for osteoarthritis of the knee.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. David Kumpe

Dr. David Kumpe


Dr. Peder Horner

Dr. Peder Horner interviews luminary Dr. David Kumpe about his long career in IR, including how he got "hooked" on the field, and the early days of Angioplasty and Neurointerventional.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Eric Monroe

Dr. Eric Monroe


Dr. Christopher Beck

Dr. Eric Monroe walks us through Intra-Arterial Chemotherapy (IAC) for treatment of Retinoblastoma.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Sam Mouli

Dr. Sam Mouli


Dr. Sandeep Bagla

Dr. Sam Mouli from Northwestern University and Dr. Sandeep Bagla discuss new research examining Y-90 Radioembolization as a novel therapeutic option for treating prostate cancer.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Terence Gade

Dr. Terence Gade


Dr. Michael Barraza

Interventional Radiologist Terence Gade tells us about emerging research and therapies targeting the tumor microenvironment in Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Ernie Ring

Dr. Ernie Ring


Dr. Maureen Kohi

Dr. Maureen Kohi interviews her longtime mentor Dr. Ernie Ring about how he got started in IR, including his first TIPS, and the innovations that followed.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Daniel Sze

Dr. Daniel Sze


Dr. Christopher Beck

We interview Dr. Daniel Sze from Stanford University School of Medicine about its history, unique style, and the challenges in IR that lie ahead.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Eric Keller

Dr. Eric Keller


Dr. Christopher Beck

Dr. Eric Keller discusses his work in applied medical ethics and his mission to help docs navigate challenging ethical situations better.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Neghae Mawla

Dr. Neghae Mawla


Dr. Christopher Beck

Interventional Nephrologist Neghae Mawla talks endovascular AV Fistula creation, including devices, patient prep, procedure steps and post procedure care.

BackTable Podcast Guest Dr. Martin Radvany

Dr. Martin Radvany


Dr. David Sacks

Part II of the discussion with Dr. Martin Radvany and Dr. David Sacks on the role of Interventional Radiologists in stroke interventions, including addressing training requirements and rural access to care.

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